Tip on writing daily devotionals

Since I publish a daily devotional my pages show up in searches people do who are looking for information on how to write a daily devotional.  In that case, they aren’t looking for a devotional to read.  Instead, they’re looking for help on writing their own devotionals.

So, here’s a tip: for me, a devotional has four parts.

1. The setup.  In it I tell a short version of the story that inspires the devotional.  This is often the larger portion of the article.  Here I give the background, leading up to the inspirational thought.

2. The crossover.  This is the most important line in the devotional.  At this point I’ve told the story, and I’m ready to apply it.  Usually, this is one sentence, but it’s what ties the first part to the third part.

3. The application.  Now I’m ready to describe how this passage applies to my life.  This is shorter than “the setup” and longer than “the crossover.”

4. The stinger.  This is a short, one liner that gives the reader something to think about.  It can be as simple as “how about you?”  However, it probably needs to be a bit more original than that.

That’s the basic outline for all my devotional writing.

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