Cruising to Alaska on Rhapsody of the Seas – Introduction

Jackie and I wanted to do something special for our 40th wedding anniversary and narrowed possible celebrations to trip to England or an Alaskan Cruise. Both have much to offer and even though we decided, ultimately, on the cruise we still intend to someday visit England, France, and other nearby European countries.

Since we love scenery and since we’ve never been on a cruise we decided on Alaska. You’d think that making that decision would settle things but that is far from true. There are many details because there are several cruise lines that sail Alaska and those cruises depart from Seattle, Vancouver, and Seward. Some are one way and others are round trip. Most are seven days. However, it’s possible to go up to eleven days or more. If you want, you can book directly through the cruise line or let a travel agent handle it all. There are airline tickets, motel reservations, transfers, and hundreds of excursions from which to choose.

The cruise decision also involves deciding which ports one wishes to visit.

We decided to round trip from Seattle on Royal Caribbean. For one thing, their prices were just a bit lower than others. For another, RCI also sails out of Galveston to Mexico and the Caribbean. Once you cruise on a line they offer discounts on future sailings. My thinking was that just in case I go crazy for cruising and want to do it again, it would be to my advantage to use a line that cruises out of nearby Galveston.

Another decision to make is how much money to spend on a cabin. The cabins on the cruise I picked varied in price from $500 a person to $5000 a person. You can easily guess the differences. Jackie and I could have afforded a windowed cabin but we opted to go with the less expensive, inside cabin. Aside from the financial considerations is the fact that a lot of the major sight seeing takes place while in port anyway. Also, on the ship are an amazing number of public places with comfortable seating and panoramic views. Only the millionaire suites come close to having the views available from any of dozens of armchair spots located throughout the ship.

So, we went with the Rhapsody of the Seas round trip from Seattle to the Alaskan inside passage that set sail on August 14, 2009.

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