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2011 - Brazos Bend State Park - Elm LakeAs I’ve said before, Brazos Bend State Park, just south of Houston might be called our “home park” and we’ve just spent a few nice days there.  Here in the mid-June we’re well into summertime temps with highs in the mid 90’s.  I’m amazed at the number of people who tent in these temps.

2011 - Brazos Bend State Park - AlligatorFor Jackie and me, tenting days are long gone – especially on hot summer days.  Our Jayflight is just fine, thank you!

We do our exploring early and then stay inside under the a/c.  Jackie likes to read and I’ll watch a baseball game or a movie.  Then, as evening falls we do more outside stuff.

Armadillo In the campground - digging under a stump for grubsOne nice nighttime feature of Brazos Bend is the George Observatory.  If you get $5 tickets you can look through the big telescopes.  Otherwise, just head for the observatory and enjoy looking through smaller scopes set up by the local astronomy club.  On Saturday night we got some terrific views of Saturn, rings and all.

River View - through the woods to the Horse camp - about 2 milesOf course, there’s lots of wildlife to see.  I know I have many alligator photos but every time we visit, I’m compelled to take a few more.  We enjoyed watching an armadillo digging around our campsite one night.  It wasn’t too concerned about me following it around taking it’s photo although it finally got spooked and headed off into the nearby underbrush.

If you like bicycling, Brazos Bend is the best!  It’s flat with beautifully maintained trails.  You’ll see lots of families out on bikes.  We get a kick out of watching dads peddling along, pulling “rickshaw-like” trailers for the little ones.

2011 - Brazos Bend State Park Shelter
Finally, I’ll mention the nifty shelters.  There are several screened shelters in one area.  Each one has electricity and a water faucet (on the outside).  Some people park their popup campers next to them (there are large, paved parking areas at the shelters) and plug into the outlet.  Doing so, they’ve turned their popup into a “big rig” with a large screened in room.

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    1. Bob, it is been a while since we have been there and many of the facilities were damaged and rebuilt a couple of years ago, but as I recall there were no benches in the shelters when we were there.

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