Why Full time

Jackie writes

Even as a small child I longed to travel. I wanted to see where the bus and airplanes were going. I longed to see what other places looked like and how people lived there.  We have had the privilege of living in various places around the USA. Learning the history and customs of each each was a pleasure. When we first started traveling and tenting I enjoyed the adventure and the ability to see the small towns and countryside as well as the major cities and their attractions.

As we have advanced from tent to various kinds of trailers we have always enjoyed going out and being in the world around us.  I admit that I want all the amenities of home when we are out. However, I have found that now days most of the time we can have water and electric and I can live with that.

Many years ago we lived in the lower Rio Grande of Texas and saw the winter Texans come and go. I was envious of their freedom to travel, explore and move around the country that is when I became aware that there was community of people doing what I wanted to do. Now we plan to join that community and hopefully share some of the fun and excitement and trials with you.

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