What does it cost to start full time RVing?

As we thought about full time RVing we spent a great deal of time working on finances.  I researched other people’s spreadsheets and am thankful for all the information they provided.  Because of their willingness to share their information I’m willing to open the door just a bit into our information here.  Two specific areas of concern were start up expenses and a monthly budget.

Now that we are in the RV full time and have pretty much completed the start up phase I can share the start up figures.  Not included is the cost of the camper and the pickup.  If a person is buying new their costs will be much higher for those items and likely less for things listed here.

Also, for those just reading out of curiosity, let me mention that setting a RV up for full time is different than getting one for an occasional trip out to the state park.  This is our home.  Some things that a person might just put up with for a week now and then are unacceptable for full time living.

If you are researching the full time lifestyle, your questions and comments are welcome.


Full Time RVing Start Up Costs
Item Actual
Used 5th wheel maintenance items/initial setup cost
Camper hitch adapter (pickup came with the hitch) 150
Camper tires 820
Camper slide repair 134
Total 1104
First Year Startup Expenses
Camper Insurance 489
Pickup warranty 100K miles 2331
Coach-Net Road service (3 years) 177
Campground Memberships, Thousand Trails is the biggest 695
Escapees Mail Service 205
Total 3897
Camper Upgrades For Fulltime Travel/Living
Tire Pressure monitor system 219
Electric surge guard 420
Washer/Dryer (installed) 1590
TV and mount 471
WifiRanger Booster 290
Wilson Sleek Cell Booster (replaced in 2016) 153
Rinoflex Sewer Hose Kit and extention 55
Misc – new chairs (replaced in 2016) 365
Misc – JT Strong Arm Jack Stabilizer System (DIY) 220
Misc – Vinyl Installed around shower (replaced carpet) 375
Misc – Weather Radio 37
Misc – Safety Equipment (fire, roadside light) (replaced fire extinguishers in 2017) 35
Misc – Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System (DIY) 160
Misc – Collapsible Ladder 151
Misc – Oxygenics shower head 61
Misc – Mattress Topper 140
Misc – folding bike 205
Misc – rotochoks 150
Total 5097
Grand Total 10098