At Nazarene General Assembly

On Sunday afternoon there was a big thunderstorm with considerable wind.  There was some tree damage, including one big tree that came down.  Thankfully, no buildings or campers were damaged.

Jackie and I really enjoyed General Assembly, especially seeing our family.  Now, though, we’re ready to head for Ohio and back into our “normal” full time RV activities.

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In and Around West Central Indiana

Jackie writes…

We also went to Terre Haute to the Clabber Girl Museum and coffee shop. They are in the original building where the Hulman family business was begun in 1850. They started as a wholesale warehouse and expanded to to manufacturing under various names. The museum is free and open to the public. There you will see beautifully restored items from the past. There is a Victorian living room with a winding stairway and early phonograph player, a room like an old saloon with a wooden Indian, kitchen appliances, a wagon used to deliver goods and communication devices including many early telephones and many signs from the company’s early days. One display is of particular interest. It is a vault with replicas of gold bars and a desk set up to look like it might have looked in the past with ledgers open for business. There is a coffee shop where Scott bought some Rex brand coffee and I had a cinnamon roll. It tasted wonderful and I would recommend this as a place to visit if you are in the area.

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Campground Review: Horseshoe Lakes Thousand Trails, Clinton, IN

The facilities are typical Thousand Trails: an Activity Center plus a building just for adults, a pool (not as big as others we’ve seen), and a mini-golf course.  Aside from the fishing, there are lots of nice places to walk or bike.  The facilities are somewhat worn and the roads are mainly gravel.  The main office is on a loop by itself near the entrance and rather removed from the rest of the facility.

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There are few activities during the week, but a variety of things happen on the weekend, including breakfast being served one morning and an ice cream social one afternoon.  There’s not a lot to see real close, but we spent one great afternoon driving the back roads to the east seeing the covered bridges.  We also spent a bit of time in Terre Haute which is about 20 miles to the south.  Jackie will do a separate post about those adventures.

We give this campground a thumbs up mainly for the pleasant, peaceful feel of the place.

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In and around Monticello, Illinois

Jackie writes:

We have enjoyed our time with my brother and sister-in-law Jim and Phyllis German along with my nephew Sean, his wife Cara and their children: Emmy and Kelton.  Monticello, Illinois is a beautiful town with lovely restored homes and buildings on the national historic list. I enjoyed attending Kelton’s t-ball game and Emmy’s softball game. Both children show great promise as ball players. It was fun to watch the adults interact as many of them grew up here and played ball like their children are now.

The Abraham Lincoln Museum in Springfield, Illinois is excellent! We watched two shows about the President and had an overview of his life from birth to death. There are nine other exhibits including his early life and the White House years with a room filled with reproductions of dresses worn by Mrs. Lincoln as well as other women in Washington at that time. There’s a lot of information about the Civil War. We found many photo opportunities including life like figures of the Lincoln family and a replica of the log cabin Lincoln grew up in.

Across the street from the Museum the Union Railroad Station has been restored like it was in the early days of Springfield. There’s a public area with benches all around encouraging people to come and stay awhile.

While in Springfield we also toured Lincoln’s Tomb where all of his family but one son is buried. His other son is in Arlington Cemetery. We have enjoyed our stay in Illinois.

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Monticello Public Library, Monticello, IL

Allerton public Library District

Monticello, IL
201 N. State street, Monticello, IL

The Monticello Library is located just off the town square in a historic building. Although they are limited in space the library staff have organized the collection and layout to accommodate the needs of the community. The staff are welcoming and ready help if needed. Signage is good and there is easy access to all the collections.Along with materials geared for adults there is a teen collection and a children’s area with materials at their height and child sized seating and play area.

The library is gearing up for Summer Reading, there are two bulletin boards and registration has begun. There is a large glass display case near the check out desk with items of interest from around the globe to go along with the “Have Book Will Travel” theme.

There is a comfortable reading area with newspapers and magazines and large tables for work or study. Free wifi is available with your electronic devices. For those interested in early Monticello there are many historic pictures of downtown in the 1800s in a glass wall display.

Although the library building is not large with a library card customers have free access to materials in other libraries, Illinois state archives, genealogy resources and many more helpful sites. This library is a great place to visit this summer.

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Review: John Deere, Moline, IL

Jackie writes…

Deere & Company World Headquarters on One John Deere Place is a beautiful building designed by architect Eero Saarinen.  It is set in wooded surroundings and is beautiful.  In the lower level there are more antique tractors and plows along with heavy equipment and large harvesters. I am amazed at the size of the some of the equipment used now when compared to the old tractors and plows that were pulled by horses or oxen.   We saw the golden plow that was at various World fairs and trade shows.  Along one entire wall the history of the Company is shown with other historical memorabilia starting in the 1800’s. 

We had a lot of fun visiting John Deere and recommend it as a great place to spend an afternoon.

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Campground Review: Sunset Lakes Resort, near Moline, IL

The resort has good WiFi but they charge extra for it.  I have a pretty good 4G signal and I’ve been using it for a reasonably fast connect.  They offer 50 amps for an extra price.

I can see why area people might want to make this a destination camping spot for a family camping trip.  For us, it has been a pleasant three day stop.

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