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Mary L. Cook Public Library

Name: Mary L. Cook Public Library

Location: 381 Old Stage Road, Waynesville, OH 45068

Mary L. Cook Library  is a friendly, comfortable place to spend some time or find materials to take home and enjoy. We were greeted by staff as we entered and felt very comfortable looking around the building.


When entering the building immediately on the right the “New Books”  are displayed. All collections are easy to find and the layout is comfortable and inviting.  There is a Reference/Genealogy room located near other adult collections.  An Adult Reading area with magazines and newspapers are nearby with comfortable seating. The sky light and glass doors give the reading area an open feeling. Next to the reading area is a large music CD collection along with audio books and DVDs. Summer Reading is encouraged for all ages and everyone has a chance to win one of the many gift baskets on display in the library. The teens have their own enclosed area with materials of interest to them and tables where they can study or socialize.  The Children’s Rooms are a recent addition with large windows looking out over the grounds. It is a warm inviting place for children to come.  The walls have large colorful flowers on them.  Some of the books are shelved in nontraditional freestanding child size shelving.

The outside grounds are well kept and show great community involvement.  The gazebo was sponsored and built by several  groups from the community.  The beautiful flowers are maintained by the Warren County Master Gardeners Association.


 An outstanding feature provided by the Master Gardeners is Peter Rabbit’s Garden.  It is a small garden with vegetables growing in it surrounded by white fence.  There are flowers, a hop-scotch game and tic-tac-toe to play as well.


At Nazarene General Assembly

2013-06-23 09.51.35.jpg As we planned our summer adventure the “anchor” was Nazarene General Assembly in Indianapolis.  If not for this big event we would likely have traveled west instead of to the Midwest and points east.  For those of you who aren’t associated with our branch of the Christian family tree I’ll explain that every four years Nazarenes from around the globe come together for a big family reunion of sorts.  There’s also some business to be conducted: elections and resolutions and the like; but this is mainly a celebration that draws not only elected delegates from over 150 world areas but folks like us — whom I call “Nazarene tourists.”

For us, Indianapolis has lots of pluses.  This is our family’s home territory and there are lots of cousins and other relatives around. We enjoyed seeing our cousin Kathy Schreiber and her clan on Sunday morning.

Sarah's Gold.jpg Our family from Texas came too.  Scott and Cherie and Matthew along with my sister Susan came because our wonderful granddaughter Sarah qualified for the big World Bible Quiz that took place on Saturday.  “How’d she do” you ask?  Well, let me tell you: she and several hundred others came home with the gold!  We’re proud of our Sarah!  On Saturday evening the whole gang sat together in the worship service: us, Scott and Cherie and the kids, Susan, Jackie’s brother and sis-in-law Jim and Phyllis.  We even had our good friend Marsha with us.  So our little group took our own bit of space in a crowd of over 15,000.

There were thousands of Nazarenes in Indianapolis.  The Sunday morning worship service alone drew over 20,000.  We saw lots of friends including folks who were at our wedding almost 44 years ago.  It is so much fun catching up with so many people we’ve known in the past or who are friends of ours on Facebook or NazNet or elsewhere.

2013-06-24 18.52.09.jpg Our Indianapolis stay has been Nazarene all the way as we’ve been camped at the Indianapolis District, Church of the Nazarene campground at Camby just outside of Indianapolis.  This is a grass campground and, because of the limited number of full hookup sites we’ve had only water and electric.  It wasn’t much of an inconvenience because we spent most of our time at the convention center anyway.

2013-06-24 10.59.19.jpg On Sunday afternoon there was a big thunderstorm with considerable wind.  There was some tree damage, including one big tree that came down.  Thankfully, no buildings or campers were damaged.

Jackie and I really enjoyed General Assembly, especially seeing our family.  Now, though, we’re ready to head for Ohio and back into our “normal” full time RV activities.

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Clinton, Indiana Public Library

Name: Clinton Public Library

Location: Clinton, Indiana

313 South 4th Street

96205C3B-8CFF-4A4D-AB9B-7DDF42164452.JPG This beautiful Carnegie Library was originally built in 1909 and has been updated several times and is now serving Clinton, IN and surrounding communities. As you come through the front doors there is a large open room with a balcony.  There is a beautiful large circulation desk where staff greet each person that comes in.  On this level  are several public internet computers some some of which are  designated as testing computers. There is a comfortable seating area with tables near the newspapers and magazine section. The Adult Fiction, New book display and Friends of the Library sale books are on this level.  The balcony  area is accessible by stairs and elevator and contains the Adult Non-fiction, Biographies and Large Print collections. Tables and chairs for reading, working or study along with two typewriters are available on this level.

68CB27D7-B7AD-478D-9F3A-EF66C08ED3EE.JPG The Young Adults have a room set aside on the second floor where they have computers and materials of interest to them. The Children’s Department is being remodeled and is currently sharing space on the balcony level but will be re-opened very soon.  The Summer Reading Program is continuing while the work is being completed.

There are three fully equipped meeting rooms and a small study/conference room open to the public and a Genealogy/Local History Department.  This library is working hard to reach its community.


In and Around West Central Indiana

Jackie writes…

image-005.jpg While here we in west central Indiana we took a half day trip to see a few of the covered bridges in this area. The ones we saw on Rock Run Creek and Big Raccoon Creek were built in the early 1900’s and are very picturesque. As we drove onto the first bridge we stopped at I could see the water through the cracks in the bridge floor. I was more comfortable on other bridges that were restored in a way that didn’t have that “feature!” Another difference is that some bridges have large or small window-like openings that look out on the creek below. All bridges are well marked on the visitors map and have names and dates on them. At one bridge we saw a parked car and when we stopped to take pictures we saw group of young people enjoying the water just downstream. Part of the joy of seeing the bridges is seeing the countryside. It was fun seeing the various homes and farms and in some places the trees make a wonderful canopy over the road. For more information on the bridges in this area go here.

image-009.jpg We also went to Terre Haute to the Clabber Girl Museum and coffee shop. They are in the original building where the Hulman family business was begun in 1850. They started as a wholesale warehouse and expanded to to manufacturing under various names. The museum is free and open to the public. There you will see beautifully restored items from the past. There is a Victorian living room with a winding stairway and early phonograph player, a room like an old saloon with a wooden Indian, kitchen appliances, a wagon used to deliver goods and communication devices including many early telephones and many signs from the company’s early days. One display is of particular interest. It is a vault with replicas of gold bars and a desk set up to look like it might have looked in the past with ledgers open for business. There is a coffee shop where Scott bought some Rex brand coffee and I had a cinnamon roll. It tasted wonderful and I would recommend this as a place to visit if you are in the area.

Campground Review: Horseshoe Lakes Thousand Trails, Clinton, IN

2013-06-13 10.32.19.jpg We’ve been in some campgrounds that were named “Lake this” or “Lake that” but the lake was only nearby and not really part of the property.  It’s certainly not that way at Horseshoe Lakes.  There are several small lakes and ponds on the property and, therefore, lots of opportunities to camp near the water.  Fishing is clearly the big draw here.

A more recent review is here.

The campground has many seasonal residents.  At another Thousand Trails we noted the “full campground but not many people” phenomenon.  However, there are many full time folks in residence here.  They have fixed up their sites with everything from decks to flower pots.  These folks display a lot of ownership of the campground, even to the extent that when the grass crew doesn’t do a suitable job they bring out their own lawn equipment and do it to suit them.  These folks all know each other, so there’s a bit of a clannish feel to it all but if one makes the effort most of them will respond in a a friendly way.  (I say “most” because of one minor incident that I won’t detail here.)  In spite of there being several seasonals here, there are plenty of nice campsites available, although, as usual, most of the really nice spots are already taken.

2013-06-12 11.27.55.jpg The facilities are typical Thousand Trails: an Activity Center plus a building just for adults, a pool (not as big as others we’ve seen), and a mini-golf course.  Aside from the fishing, there are lots of nice places to walk or bike.  The facilities are somewhat worn and the roads are mainly gravel.  The main office is on a loop by itself near the entrance and rather removed from the rest of the facility.

There are few activities during the week, but a variety of things happen on the weekend, including breakfast being served one morning and an ice cream social one afternoon.  There’s not a lot to see real close, but we spent one great afternoon driving the back roads to the east seeing the covered bridges.  We also spent a bit of time in Terre Haute which is about 20 miles to the south.  Jackie will do a separate post about those adventures.

We give this campground a thumbs up mainly for the pleasant, peaceful feel of the place.

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