More Camper Upgades and some reviews

I posted our camper upgrades photo album a while back.  I’ve added a couple of more items that I’m especially pleased with.

A recent upgrade is a cooling fan for our refrigerator.  On hot days we’ve had the refrigerator set as cold as it could go and it was barely keeping up.  I researched solutions and found folks recommending this product.  The price was right so I ordered it.  Installation was quick and simple and we could tell a difference almost immediately.  We’re now running the refrigerator one setting less than before and the temps are staying in the upper 30’s.  Also, because it attaches with a simple alligator clip to the fins on the inside it can be easily moved around.  We watch the fins and when one section starts to get some ice build up we move it to that area.  In a few hours the ice is gone.  Not only does this fan help the refrigerator cool, it’s also a defroster!  I recommend this inexpensive and effective refrigerator upgrade.