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Campground Review: Rainbow’s End – Escapees – Livingston, TX

An easy “cruise-control drive” west on I10 returned us to Texas.  We’re bound for a longer landing near Houston but for now we’re still in “approach” mode, spending a few days here near Livingston, then a couple of weeks in Conroe before doing our major stop for the winter.

2013-10-31 14.23.24.jpg It was strange coming to Rainbow’s End because, officially, this is where we live!  Our mailing address is, as it is for thousands of fulltimers, right here on Rainbow Drive.  We are legal residents of this place even though this is our first visit here.  Escapees is the club for fulltime RVers and Rainbow’s End is where the headquarters for the club is located.

2013-10-28 15.11.20.jpg Our campsite here is average at best but its strangely comforting to be among so many people who have opted for this lifestyle.  It’s easy to strike up a conversation with folks who have fulltiming in common.

Rainbow’s End has several unique features:

1. The Escapees mail service is an industry standard.  We enjoyed a tour of the place, especially the mail facility.  I even saw the “folder” where we live!

2. It is much more than an RV park.  There are permanent residences everywhere – most with accommodations for campers.  When people “retire” from fulltime RVing they buy a place here so that they can stay connected to this lifestyle.  Some of the residences are very, very nice!  Others are basically a big tall carport for the RV along with a small storage building.

2013-10-31 14.33.35.jpg 3. Maybe most impressive is the Care Center – it is an absolutely unique place providing assisted living facilities for people who retired to RVing but are now unable to travel.  It’s a wonderful program that serves a great need.

Our time here is short and, in addition to that, it has rained almost constantly since our arrival.  Because of that we haven’t gotten to know the campground as well as we would have otherwise.

Off hand, I’d say this place does just what it’s intended to do.  It probably doesn’t measure up to some of the nicer RV Resorts, but no where is as geared to fulltime RVers as is this place.  My guess is that we’ll return here about once a year for a short stay.  After all, it is “where we live.”

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Murphy Memorial Library, Livingston, TX

Name: Murphy Memorial Library

Location: 601 West Church Street, Livingston, TX 77351

Located on a major thoroughfare Murphy Memorial Library  is serving it’s community offering  free internet access  along with books and materials for all ages.  They have ongoing story times for children,  a genealogy section, a reading area and a large section of paperback books.  Free one on one help with research and computer needs is available by appointment.  When the renovation is completed at the new location the library will have more to offer with meeting rooms, and a separate computer area; a place where the community can gather.

Response code is 400


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