2014 – In And Around Albuquerque, NM

We’ve been in the Albuquerque, NM area a little longer than we intended to be but the weather was cold and very windy so we stayed put.  While here we’ve enjoyed seeing some of the area.

2014-04-25 12.18.08.jpg One day we went to see the petroglyphs at the Petroglyph National Monument.  At the visitor’s center you can purchase souvenirs, have questions answered, and get a trail map.  The trails are about 2 miles from the visitors center with a minimal fee parking area.  We followed one of the three trails. It was a moderately difficult hike to the top of a lava rock covered mesa with a close up view of petroglyphs carved into many of the rocks. According to the map most of the images were made 400-700 years ago by the ancestors of today’s Native People.  In the 1600’s Hispanic people in the area carved crosses and cattle brands on the rocks.

2014-04-25 16.08.18.jpg We also went to the Coronado National Monument. Francisco Vásquez de Coronado came to this area with soldiers and Indian allies around 1540.   At the Visitor’s Center there’s a gift shop, a video, and artifacts from the prehistoric and historic Puebloan and Spanish Colonial era.  We saw mural paintings from the ruins of a pre-Colulmbian Kuaua Pueblo excavated at this site in the 1930s.  On the grounds are ruins of the Pueblo and a reconstructed Kiva and pueblo for viewing photography.

On Sunday we worshiped at Heights First Church of the Nazarene  in a beautiful building with friendly people.

100_2522.JPG Monday was our last day in the area and we went to Old Town Albuquerque and enjoyed seeing the many shops with Native pottery, artwork, and jewelry.  There are shops that will fit all tastes and budgets as well as a variety of restaurants, candy shops and bakery.  The San Felipe de Neri church completed in 1793 is the center surrounded by a lovely courtyard and shops.  We parked by the Art Museum and enjoyed all the sculptures in the area surrounding it.

We have enjoyed our stay here with a view of the Sandia Mountains out our back window.

2014-04-25 12.15.08.jpg2014-04-25 12.15.25.jpg2014-04-25 12.18.08.jpg2014-04-25 12.27.51.jpg2014-04-25 12.28.09.jpg2014-04-25 12.32.09.jpg2014-04-25 12.34.40.jpg2014-04-25 12.38.08.jpg2014-04-25 12.42.43.jpg2014-04-25 12.44.14.jpg2014-04-25 12.44.21.jpg100_2462.JPG100_2463.JPG100_2464.JPG100_2468.JPG100_2469.JPG100_2470.JPG100_2472.JPG100_2473.JPG100_2477.JPG100_2478.JPG2014-04-25 16.06.15.jpg2014-04-25 16.07.23.jpg2014-04-25 16.08.18.jpg100_2482.JPG100_2483.JPG100_2486.JPG100_2487.JPG100_2489.JPG100_2490.JPG100_2493.JPG100_2494.JPG100_2495.JPG100_2496.JPG100_2497.JPG100_2505.JPG100_2506.JPG100_2507.JPG100_2508.JPG100_2509.JPG100_2513.JPG100_2514.JPG100_2515.JPG100_2516.JPG100_2517.JPG100_2519.JPG100_2520.JPG100_2521.JPG100_2522.JPG100_2523.JPG100_2524.JPG100_2525.JPG

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