2014 – Sightseeing in Southeastern Arizona

We enjoyed our time in Southeastern Arizona. Our RV Resort, located in Benson, was a great place to stay while exploring the area.

PA119802.JPG We happened to be in Benson on the weekend of the Benson-Butterfield Rodeo. The local parade was fun and very much a local parade with city officials, children on bicycles, and several horse and rider groups. After the parade we walked through the craft fair and farmers market and the city museum. One thing that made the rodeo especially fun was hearing the locals cheer their friends as they performed and rode. I especially enjoyed the fast action of the barrel racing. The young ladies are very skillful and the horses are beautiful and well trained.

IMG_3210.JPG Another highlight of our stay was a day trip to Tombstone and Bisbee. The Main Street of Tombstone is foot traffic and stage coach only. Many of the buildings are historic and it looks like an Old West town with lots of cowboys dressed in period clothing hanging out along the street. Many of them are participants in one of the “shootout at the OK Corrale” re-enactments that you can watch for a price. The cowboys are happy to pose with tourists for photos or just talk about their town. There are a wide variety of shops and restaurants to visit. I would love to come on one of their special event days. Most of the programs charge a fee but you can pick and choose or just wander around town and have fun.

IMG_3221.JPG Leaving Tombstone we drove on down to Bisbee to take the Queen Mine Historic Mine Tour. After buying our tickets we looked a the displays and watched a video about mining. When they called our tour we lined up and were given hard hats, slickers, and miners headlamps. We then went out and got on a small tram that took us down into the mine. Two guides gave us a great tour telling us how the mine was laid out and what it was like to be the miner. They demonstrated the tools they used and talked about the dangers they faced. At two places we got off the tram and walked down the tunnels to see what it would have looked like to the miners. It was both educational and fun and we highly recommend not only the mine tour, downtown Bisbee which is a unique experience in itself.

We know we hardly scratched the surface of interesting things to see and do in this area. On future trips we’ll check out the “Cochise Circle” of historic places related to the great Indian Chief, Wonderland of the Rocks at Chiricahua National Monument, and so much more.


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