2013 Fulltime RVing Expense Wrap Up

doing-the-budgetWe began our fulltime RV adventure in May, 2013 and to keep an eye on expenses I’ve kept detailed records of expenditures.  I’m sharing our camping related costs as a resource for others who are planning a future in this lifestyle.

I’m listing the camping related expenses as line item monthly averages.  Then, I total everything else up and give just a general dollar figure.  If you are researching fulltime RVing you already know what you pay for food, health insurance, etc. (or even if you don’t, my figures for such things won’t have any real world connection to what you spend on them).  Also, by combining the non-RVing expenses I feel I’m better able to maintain our privacy.

Due to the fact that we were only fulltime from May to December of this year, my monthly averages aren’t for 12 months.  In most cases it shouldn’t matter much.  For instance, our monthly cell/internet/TV cost is very consistent month by month and it doesn’t matter much whether I average 7 or 12 months.  In a few instances that isn’t the case.  We spend less on campground fees when we’re traveling and staying in membership campgrounds than when we’re parked by the month and we spend more on diesel when we’re traveling than when we’re sitting.  For such items I’ve tried to adjust the numbers to give you a 12 month average rather than a 7 month one.  I think the numbers I’m giving you are reasonably accurate.

2013 Monthly Averages
Camping (monthly averages for 7 months + annual camping memberships divided by 12) $339.92
Cell/Internet/TV $161.48
Diesel (lots of fuel during travel months, very little otherwise) $319.00
Gas (note: we only have the car with us about 5 mo. but this is a 12 month ave.) $60.00
Tolls, etc. $14.08
Misc $174.78
RV Maintenance $69.41
Vehicle Maintenance (yes, it was a very expensive year)* $249.21
Registrations/Vehicle Insurance $155.81
Propane $7.89
Mail Service $18.33
 TOTAL $1565.91
Non RV expense – food, medical, “just living”**                                               TOTAL $1,796.85

*Note 1: We had an expensive year doing Vehicle Maintenance including replacing tires on camper/pickup/car AND batteries for all three vehicles (5 new batteries in all).  There was an unexpected brake job, a new camper charger/inverter and other unexpected costs.  The result?  Almost $400 a month average in maintenance and repairs!  Ouch!

**Note 2: These expenses include items like: Groceries & Dining Out, Clothing, Hair, Medical & Dental Expenses, Charity, Health Insurance, and Entertainment – but not Income Tax and a few other expenses

PS: If you find this information helpful, please leave a short comment so I’ll know it is worth the effort needed to provide it. Thanks.

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