RVer Beware: Campsite Envy

We’ve all done it.  We arrive at the campground ready for a pleasant, enjoyable stay.  We find our spot, get settled in and then take a walk.  Just across the way, we see it: the best campsite in the entire campground.  Almost always it’s occupied but we can’t help but wish it was our camper nestled in that perfect spot with the great view of the lake or the nice big front yard (or maybe just closer to the bathrooms!).

Before we even know it we’re not as happy with our site as we were just a few minutes ago.  We’ve fallen prey to “campsite envy.”

It’s happened to us often enough that I coined the term.  In fact, we developed an unwritten policy: we aren’t going to give in to campsite envy; instead we’re going to appreciate what we have and not let campsite envy diminish our stay.

Only twice have we pulled up stakes and relocated to a different spot.  And, yes, both moves were to considerably superior campsites that just happened to be available.  Generally speaking, though, we think it’s better to not get started with the campsite shuffle.  For one thing, it’s most often more work than it’s worth.  For another, our enjoyment of a campground is seldom centered around our campsite anyway.  We enjoy the activities at the campground and sightseeing in the area surrounding the campground.  We like meeting the neighbors and sharing a campfire.  Who knows?  The neighbor you move away from as you give in to campsite envy might have become one of the best friends you’ve ever had!

So, if it’s early in your stay and the perfect campsite opens up it might make sense to make the move.  Otherwise, it’s not that big a deal anyway.  Make a note for future reservations and get on with enjoying the campground.  Don’t give in to campsite envy!

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