Peace Arch and Vicinity: Blaine, WA – Vancouver, BC

On the USA side
After riding the bus back to our stop we went to a large downtown Dollar Store. I liked looking at the variety of things on sale there. It was time for a break so we decided to find a place to get some coffee. We’d heard a lot about Tim Horton’s and we were pleased to see one nearby. Tim Horton’s lived up to it’s billing and we enjoyed some excellent coffee. While drinking our coffee, we enjoyed watching all the hustle and bustle of the city as rush hour was winding down. We then caught the train back to our stop and headed back toward the USA. Since we had some Canadian money left we decided to stop in one of the towns along the freeway to eat dinner. To our surprise we realized there was no way back onto the highway! We got an extra tour of the town of White Rock, BC as we searched for a highway entrance. We now know, for instance, where the local Walmart is! Before long, though, we were waiting in line to cross the border back into the USA. We sat in a long line of traffic for about 20 minutes right beside the Peace Arch waiting our turn to show our passports and answer a few questions. By the time we made it back to our campground it was about 9:30pm (not quite dark here in the northwestern United States).

We had a lot of fun visiting Vancouver and I recommend it to you.

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