Campground review: Morgan Hill, CA Thousand Trails

Our weekend was interesting. As we arrived we found that many sites had signs on them saying the site wouldn’t be available over the weekend. On Friday a large group from a local school began to arrive. This all school camping trip is a longtime annual tradition. By evening there were tents, kids, and adults everywhere. Our campsite was right on the edge of the group and when all was said and done we were surrounded by tenters, with one tent pitched almost under our bedroom slide and two right outside our back window! However, the group was friendly and happy and we enjoyed them enjoying the campground. If every camping experience was like this we wouldn’t like it very much. However, for just two nights it was no big deal. It exposes a lot of people to the camping experience and I’m sure it generates a lot of income for the campground. Anyway, if you are planning a visit to Morgan Hill you might want to keep this second weekend of September annual event in mind!

If I were grading Morgan Hill Thousand Trails I’d give it a “B” on facilities and a “C-” on campsites. It’s a commitment but San Francisco is within striking distance for a day trip.

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  1. my mother has been a membership for 20 years every Easter we go out there my mom showed up 2 days ago to get a campsite for all of us my to my knowledge There’s No Reservations its first come first serve because we can’t even make a reservation so she has stuff out there ready to put together for tents and stuff they made her pack up her stuff move somewhere else mind you my mother is 85 years old so these non-members to camp for the weekend by the way were camping for 2 weeks they also said once they leave we can move back why are we going to undo our tents and move back over there so now they made my mom move to probably a RV site with only can put two tents can be there my mom pays thousands of dollars for this membership to be moved for people that are non members I don’t really appreciate Thousand Trails for doing that to a member that’s been there for 20 years sincerely to whom it may concern ..PS I know Thousand Trails don’t really care about the members because they wouldn’t do anything about it but tell you to move and by the way I’m a card member to my mom has 6 cards Brian…

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