Campground Review: Medina Lake Thousand Trails – Lakehills, TX

What the campground lacks in water it makes up for in deer. They are everywhere and rather tame – hanging out in campsites expecting the humans to feed them. Being around these graceful animals is a treat. At the same time having so many so close at hand means that their droppings give the campsites a bit of a barnyard feel – if you get my meaning! Also, one has to wonder just how healthy it is for this dense a deer population.

San Antonio with all it has to offer is around an hour away. Bandera, which is called the “Cowboy capital of Texas” is nearby. Also there are several nice Hill Country drives and destinations a reasonable distance away.

Were Medina Lake full this campground would be a real gem. As it is, I’d say it’s “okay” without being “especially special” in any way.

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