2015 – End of Year Expense Report

Here’s our 2015 end of year Expense sheet…

I’m listing the camping related expenses as line item monthly averages. Then, I total everything else up and give just a general dollar figure. If you are researching fulltime RVing you already know what you pay for food, health insurance, etc. (or even if you don’t, my figures for such things won’t have any real world connection to what you spend on them). Also, by combining the non-RVing expenses I feel I’m better able to maintain our privacy.

During the year we spent three months volunteering at a state park campground. For the purpose of this report, I’ve estimated the value of these months at $325 each. Also, we own a small car that doesn’t travel with us.  We have it 4-6 months a year.  That lowers our diesel use and adds a gasoline line to our expense sheet.

During 2015, in addition to our three months of volunteering, we spent a two months paying monthly rates. The rest of the time we were traveling, moving an average of once a week.

2015 was a good year for us. Not only did we enjoy our travels, our finances benefited from the much lower fuel prices and a break from the needed repairs of the past couple of years.

2015  Monthly Expense Averages
Camping fees (Value of volunteering + out of pocket + annual memberships*) $407.95
Cell/Internet/TV $200.50
Diesel (the lower fuel prices made a big difference compared to previous years) $181.64
Gas (note: we only had the car with us about 5 months but this is a 12 month ave.) $21.37
Misc $31.20
RV Maintenance and upgrades $131.13
Vehicle Maintenance (finally, a year without big repairs) $36.32
Registrations/Vehicle Insurance (pro-rated to monthly) $172.02
Propane $5.57
Mail Service $9.58
TOTAL $1197.28
Non RV expense – food, medical, “just living”**                                    TOTAL $1796.60

*Note 1: Like Thousand Trails, Good Sams, etc. – prorated to monthly cost -but NOT including original buy in costs, if any

**Note 2: These expenses include items like: Groceries & Dining Out, Clothing, Hair, Medical & Dental Expenses, Charity, Health Insurance, and Entertainment – but not Income Tax and a few other expenses

PS: If you find this information helpful, please leave a short comment so I’ll know it is worth the effort needed to provide it. Thanks.

6 responses to “2015 – End of Year Expense Report

  1. Thank you so much for providing this information. I thought i had it figured out but i wasn’t even close……probably will be waiting a bit……..time to buy a lottery ticket

  2. Your information is very helpful to us – only in planning stage for fulltiming. Thank you very much!

  3. Thank you for sharing your monthly expenses. I’m finding in my research the $3,000 a month figure seems to be fairly common. For example:

    Howard over at the RV-Dreams Forum: Averaged $31,635 a year, $20,260 with workamping and $34,456 traveling. They live full-time in a 5th wheel and own an extra vehicle. Based on eight years of data.

    Kirk and Pam’s RV Adventure over on the Escapees Forum: Averaged $34,588. They did a lot of volunteering to reduce cost and traveled in a motorhome with a toad. Based on five years of data.

    Thanks again,

    • I think you are on target concerning average annual expenses. From what I can tell retired fulltimers average spending what average retirees in the general population spends – maybe just a little less (again on the average). I’d guess that, aside from those who are doing something beyond the ordinary, either above or below, that most people will fulltime for between $32K and $42K. Good luck with your planning!

  4. Always helpful. Thank you. James

  5. Absolutely find the information on budgets you post each year very valuable. Thanks for your efforts in sharing with “soon to be” FT’rs.

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