Update: A new adventure – volunteering at San Jacinto Monument, TX

We’re now settled in at San Jacinto Monument, La Porte, TX – This is where Texas was born – it is also where the Battleship Texas is located. We are here as volunteers, our first “workcamping” experience. There are no public campsites, but a few for volunteers. We’re looking forward to this two month adventure!

Project: Installing laminate flooring in living room

RVing and carpet don’t go well together.  We’ve found keeping the carpet clean to be a constant battle.  After considerable research we decided to go with Allure Trafficmaster laminate from Home Depot.  I’m not especially talented with it comes to stuff like this and from the Youtubes I watched and the reviews I read this project sounded like it was within my range of capabilities.

Would we do it again?  Well, so long as neither of the two concerns I just described become an issue, and if the seams themselves remain tightly glued together over long term use, I’d say an enthusiastic “yes.”  We think it looks great and will be much easier to care for than the carpet we removed.

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