Repair: Broken Leaf Spring

After our last move I had a problem getting the between-the-wheels chocks in on the curb side of the 5th wheel. I looked under the camper but, frankly, I didn’t know what to look at. When I mentioned it to my good friend Ron he looked under the camper and reported a broken spring. Today he came out, and with me mostly looking on and doing a bit of fetch and carry, replaced it. Apparently, this isn’t an indication that the other springs are on the verge of breaking, but I’m now carrying a spare, “just in case.”

September, 2015 follow up: Well, it was an indication that the other springs were on the verge of breaking. After another 3000 miles of towing a second spring broke. We used the spare to keep us moving, and then a couple of months later decided to upgrade all four springs to heaver springs. Once the upgrade is complete I hope we will be able to close this chapter of our adventure.

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  1. I had him purshase a double set of everything. It is easier to find someone on the road to do the repair than it is to fond parts. If he would go to Morryde IS he could eliminate these problems

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