Sightseeing Review: Around Waco, TX

Our visit to Waco Mammoth Site was interesting and educational. Our guide, a gentleman named Jeremy, met us at the welcome center and led us on the tour. At the amphitheater he gave us a history of the area and as we continued he told us how the first bones were found by a couple of boys looking for arrowheads. He talked about the various animals whose bones were found in this area along with the mammoths. These included the saber tooth cat, giant sloth, and camel. From there it was a short walk to the climate controlled building where we able to view the artifacts still in the ground as they were found. Jeremy was an excellent and patient guide as he described and explained what we were seeing, making the scene come to life for us. After the guided tour we could stay in the building and continue to view or walk on back to the welcome center and parking area. If you are in the Waco area I recommend this as a family outing.

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