Campground Review: Gladstone, MI Bay Campground

Our neighbors were very close by but folks were generally friendly and just wanting to enjoy the cool Michigan Upper Peninsula summer weather. In fact, we made some good friends whose company we enjoyed very much.

At $30 a night this was a more-expensive-than-usual stay for us as fulltimers. With the short summer camping season in the area we understood that paying a premium (for us) price was acceptable. We did wish there was some level of discount for a weekly stay; or maybe some membership discounts – but alas, there were none. This is a popular summer place so I recommend you make reservations if you plan on staying over a weekend.

On future visits I think I’d pick either one of the end spots, giving us a bit of room out the front door, or maybe one of the electric only grassy spots which are much roomier. Not only would a grassy spot give us some elbow room, but since they offer only partial hookups, they cost a bit less too!

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