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The more things change the more they stay the same


It goes without saying that moving to fulltiming from a traditional “stix and brix” life is a major transition. We made the move and have never looked back. While the many changes are obvious, I’ve concluded that more stays the same than some might think. In spite of the downsizing involved, I think most people morph to a life that is similar to what they lived before. Now, let me hurry to say that if the move to fulltiming is connected to retirement or a new livelihood lots of major changes are baked in, RV lifestyle or not.

P2248680.JPG If, for instance, you enjoy watching TV, there’s a good chance that you’ll want a decent TV solution in your RV – probably satellite TV and a nice TV to watch. If you spend a lot of time surfing the Internet, you’ll want the best cell Internet package you can afford.

P2248685.JPG I see people on forums debating whether or not to have a washer/dryer in their RV. The answer is actually pretty easy: if you had a washer/dryer in your house you’ll probably want one in your RV. If you enjoyed going to a laundromat before, you’ll probably want to keep going to one. Admittedly, this approach has its limits – for instance, while dish washers are available, they aren’t all that common so you might have to surrender to dish washing in the RV even though you always used a dish washer in your old life.

Without doubt, living as a fulltimer means that some things will be more challenging than they were in your pre-fulltiming days. There will be times when you won’t be able to get the satellite signal or when you are camping without a sewer connect, thus limiting your use of the on-board washer. It’s all part of the adventure and you will have to find ways to accommodate such things.

Still, though, thinking that one is going fulltime and that once you are “out there” that everything will be different is probably mistaken. Lots of things will be different – hopefully, in great ways. However, you will still be the same person who wants oatmeal for breakfast most mornings, wants to do your laundry “at home,” and wants to watch the evening news on TV. Knowing this will help you make decisions about stuff like whether or not to sign up for a big data cell plan or buy a combo washer/dryer or get a fancy satellite setup.

Campground Review: Advanced RV Resort, Pearland, TX

20161004_085542.jpg Advanced RV Resort’s location in Pearland, TX makes it ideal for people who want to be close to downtown Houston. Astros, Texans, and Rockets games, the museums, and the medical center are all a 15-30 minute drive. It is close to nearly every restaurant chain you’ve ever heard of and there’s shopping of all kinds within minutes. The resort is right at the intersection of Highway 288 (an expressway) and Beltway 8 (a toll road) providing easy access east/west and north/south. The entrance to the resort is actually on the Beltway 8 feeder road. That means if you intend on going any direction aside from east you have to travel down the one way road, cross over to the other side of the toll road and come back to continue in the desired direction.

That, in itself, is no big deal. The noise of the traffic, and the traffic itself, can be a nuisance, but is part of the price one pays for being in such close proximity to the major city that Houston is.

The resort itself, although pricier than we’re used to paying, is well kept in every way. The grass is constantly mowed and edged. The roads are excellent and wide enough for two big rigs to pass. The restrooms and laundries are the nicest we’ve seen in any RV park. There’s an Activity center, multiple laundries and restrooms, two doggie parks, a pool, and a spa – all well cared for.

20161004_090527.jpg The pull through sites are long enough for any rig. The back in sites are limited to rigs 35’ or less. As is true of most any urban RV park, the sites are quite close together. Some of the back in sites are narrower than others. There wasn’t room on our site for both pickup and camper. We could squeeze our small car in next to the camper so we parked the truck in overflow parking.

In any campground the sites nearest the highway are more prone to be noisy and that’s especially true of this campground. Beltway 8 is actually elevated at this point, so the walls do little to block the noise and those sites get the brunt of it all.

Tom Bass Regional Park adjoins the resort and there’s actually a gate one can go through to enter the park. However, the grass on the other side of the gate was generally tall and one had to wade through it quite a ways to get to a better cared for section. Many people, though, took their dogs into that area so they would have more room to roam.

20161004_090226.jpg Our stay at Advanced was our longest stay since retiring as we accepted an interim position, filling in between pastors at our home church. I doubt it will come as a surprise to anyone if I mention that it was very hot and humid through the summer!

If you are looking for a nice place and close to the Houston action this is a good one.

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