2017 – Battleship Alabama – Mobile, AL

20170320_112140.jpg Spending a few months each year volunteering at Battleship Texas as we do, we couldn’t resist visiting the USS Alabama in Mobile, AL. What an amazing Battleship! We spent several hours looking around and enjoying this WWII ship.

In the main exhibit area you learn about the history of the ship. We especially enjoyed watching the free 15 minute video of the ship. The officer’s living spaces, main guns, anti-aircraft guns, ships bridge, flag plot room, and fire control tower are located on main deck and above. We climbed nearly as high as was open to tourists.

IMG_5205.JPG There was an amazing amount of fire power on this ship. We looked inside one of the 16″ turrets, and checked out several of the other guns. Below deck forward was Warrant officer’s living spaces, Marine Corps living spaces, post office, sick bay, engine room and radio room. Below deck aft is the crew’s living spaces, crew’s galley, bakery, brig, barbershop, and laundry.

We enjoyed our visit to the Alabama very much. On the same property is the submarine USS Drum as well as several WWII aircraft, tanks, etc. We were pretty tired from our exploration of the big ship and decided visiting these other exhibits would have to be done on a future visit!


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