2017 – Shortstop: Kidder Recreation Area, Wahpeton, ND

20170813_164415.jpg Wahpeton, North Dakota is located right on the Minnesota state line, around 45 miles south of Fargo. The state line is formed by the Red River, which flows to the north into Canada. The town has two small campgrounds and we spent the night at Kidder Recreation Area in a nice, paved back in spot with 30 amp electric and water hookups. The Red River is just a stone’s throw from the campground and many locals come to the park to fish, or maybe just to cruise through to the turnaround and back out creating a flow of traffic through the campground. There are restrooms and showers plus a dump station that, for some reason, is set up to be used coming into the campground rather than leaving it. There is a pay station at the campground, but if you want to call ahead and pay the city will mark a site with your name so you won’t have to worry about arriving and finding all the sites taken. On our August Sunday night four of the eight sites were in use. You might want to know that the electric/water hookups are located between the sites with the even numbers having hookups on the accustomed driver’s side.

20170813_164502.jpg Mention, of course, must be made of the “World’s Largest Catfish” statue which is at the campground. We couldn’t resist taking a few photos!

Since our stay was a short one I didn’t set up the satellite dish, but I’m confident I would have gotten a signal. My Verizon signal was nearly full scale. While this campground isn’t a destination spot (except maybe for people who love giant catfish statues) it works as a nice place to land for a night or two.

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