2017 – End of Year Expense Report

Here’s our 2017 end of year Expense sheet…

I’m listing the camping related expenses as line item monthly averages. Then, I total everything else up and give just a general dollar figure. If you are researching fulltime RVing you already know what you pay for food, health insurance, etc. (or even if you don’t, my figures for such things won’t have any real world connection to what you spend on them). Also, by combining the non-RVing expenses I feel I’m better able to maintain our privacy.

During the year we spent four months volunteering and receiving a campsite at no charge. For the purpose of this report, I’ve estimated the value of these months at $325 each. Also, we own a small car that doesn’t travel with us.  We have it 4-6 months a year.  That lowers our diesel use and adds a gasoline line to our expense sheet.

During 2017, in addition to our months of volunteering, we spent a two months paying monthly rates. The rest of the time we were traveling, moving an average of once a week.

2017 was a good year for us, but we had some extra expenses including replacing a windshield, buying new tires for both camper and pickup, and a couple of bigger pickup repairs.  These costs are included in the figures below.  We did one major RV upgrade.  However, since it was completely discretionary I’m not including it in these figures.

Because our travel was very limited in 2016 I can’t compare this year’s figures to last year, however, these numbers track pretty well with other years, although they are drifting upwards, primarily, I think, due to inflation rather than any big changes in our lifestyle.

I have to brag just a bit here.  At the beginning of the year I did an estimated budget.  To my surprise, my end of the year figures are within $30 for the entire year!  I’d say that was mostly luck and not skill at budgeting!

2017  Monthly Expense Averages
Camping fees (Value of volunteering + out of pocket + pro-rated annual memberships*) $478.06
Cell/Internet/TV $226.15
Diesel (During the months in which we have a car the truck doesn’t get driven much) $204.35
Gas (note: we only had the car with us about 5 months but this is a 12 month ave.) $23.89
Misc $38.50
RV Maintenance and upgrades $149.81
Vehicle Maintenance (had a couple of big repairs on the truck) $257.75
Registrations/Vehicle Insurance (pro-rated to monthly) $178.48
Propane $1.81
Mail Service $12.08
TOTAL $1570.88
Non RV expense – food, medical, “just living”**                                    TOTAL $1727.28

*Note 1: Like Thousand Trails, Good Sams, etc. – prorated to monthly cost -but NOT including original buy in costs, if any

**Note 2: These expenses include items like: Groceries & Dining Out, Clothing, Hair, Medical & Dental Expenses, Charity, Health Insurance, and Entertainment – but not Income Tax and a few other expenses

PS: If you find this information helpful, please leave a short comment so I’ll know it is worth the effort needed to provide it. Thanks.

2017 – Adventure Map

We nicknamed 2017 “The Year of the Dog” – can you guess why?

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1. San Jacinto Battlefield/Battleship Texas State Historic Park, La Porte, TX (review)
2.Poche’s RV Park, Breaux Bridge, LA (review)
3. Davis Bayou Campground, Ocean Springs, MS (review)
4. Escapees Rainbow Plantation, Summerdale, AL (review) – (Naval Air Museum – Pensecola) (Battleship Alabama – Mobile) (Southeastern Alabama and Vicinity)
5. Gunter Hill Park, Montgomery, AL (review)
6. Camping World, Chattanooga, TN (review) – ( sightseeing)
7. Escapees Raccoon Valley, Heiskell, TN (review) – ( sightseeing)
8. Fort Boonesborough State Park, KY (review)
9. Indian Lakes Thousand Trails, Batesville, IN (review) – ( sightseeing)
10. Wilmington, OH Thousand Trails (review) – ( sightseeing)
11. Johnny Appleseed Campground, Ft. Wayne, IN (review)
12. Quadra Manufacturing, Big Foot Leveling System (review)
13. Pla-More Campground, Bremen, IN (review) – ( sightseeing)
14. Lake Haven Retreat, Indianapolis, IN (review)
15. Horseshoe Lakes Thousand Trails, Clinton, IN (review)
16. Clinton Lake State Recreation Area, DeWitt, IL(review)
17. West Lake Park, Terrace Campground, Davenport, IA (review) – ( touring the John Deere Plant in Moline, IL)
18. Cherry Glen Campground, CoE, Ankeny, IA (review)
19. Beed’s Lake State Park, Hampton, IA (review)
20. Lebanon Hills Regional Park, Apple Valley, MN (review) – ( sightseeing)
21. Lake Geneva Christian Center, Alexandria, MN (review)
22. Kidder Recreation Area, Wahpeton, ND (review)
23. Memorial Park, Watertown, SD (review) – ( Visiting the real “Little House on the Prairie”)
24. Farm Island Recreation Area, Pierre, SD (review) – ( Sightseeing)
25. Arrow Campground, Wall, SD (review) – ( Sightseeing)
26. Heartland RV Park, Hermosa, SD (review) – ( Sightseeing the National Parks Caves of the Black Hills) – (Scenic Drives of the Black Hills – (Memorial Sites of the Black Hills
27. Robidoux RV Park, Gering, NE (review) – ( Sightseeing)
28. Holiday RV Park, North Platte, NE (review)
29. Wilson State Park, Sylvan Grove, KS (review)
30. Coon Creek Cove – CoE, Kaw City, OK (review)
31. Roadrunner RV Park, Oklahoma City, OK (review)
32. Lake Texoma Thousand Trails, Gordonville, TX (review)
33. Eisenhower State Park, Denison, TX (review)
34. Lake Conroe Thousand Trails, Willis, TX (review)

2017 – The Year of the Dog

Some full time traveling RVers set out to visit all the National Parks. Others plan their journeys to see as many minor league ball parks as they can and more than a few focus on seeing the grandkids who are scattered around the country. I think, though, that we have a corner on doing animal highway sketching! At least this year, we did a pretty good drawing of a dog.

Honestly, it was only after I began planning our 2017 Adventure and I started mapping it out that I realized we were drawing a dog. Next year we’ll likely go back to drawing nondescript maps of amoebas.

Check out our 2017 Adventure Map page for links to reviews of all our stops during this “year of the dog.”