2018 – Sightseeing Elkhart and Shipshewana, IN

We spent time in this area last year as we headed to an event in Indianapolis. This year we are working our way east and passing through this area again.

We drove a short distance to Elkhart to visit the RV/MH Museum. It was a nice way to spend a hot day. The museum displays highlight the evolution of RV from early days to current century. The early canvas tents on wheels were fascinating to me. Seeing the outdoor cooking gear and utensils was fun too. We saw a RV belonging to Mae West and the one owned by Charles Lindbergh. The variety in size and and how they were decorated inside was fun to see. The museum is well worth the price of admission and I highly recommend it.

Here’s a review from 2017 of this area.
Here’s another review of this area from last week.

We went to the flea market in Shipshewana last year. This year we decided to skip it and do a little shopping and a bit of “recreational eating” instead. We looked around and made purchases on Main Street and then enjoyed pastry and coffee at one of the many bakeries. Before we left town we bought some delicious meat and cheese to bring home. From there we drove some of the back roads and enjoyed seeing the many Amish farms. It was a pleasant drive on a hot day.

Shortly after arriving in this area one of Scott’s cousins told him that we were close to his home town and that he had several relatives nearby. On Sunday we attended Sturgis, Michigan Nazarene and met several of his family. Scott says there were 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cousins there and then together for an enjoyable lunch. This was an unexpected bonus for us!

Again, there is a lot to see and do in this area – all to the more reason for us to return on a future adventure.

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