2019 – Sightseeing: Word of Coca-Cola, Atlanta, GA

It was fun visiting the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta GA. The tour is interactive with lots of lights, sounds, movies, hands on and photo ops. After entering we were given a free Coke while we waited our turn to start the adventure. There are many screens and videos. We learned about John Pemberton the man who invented Coca-Cola. There are guides in each area to answer questions and provide information. A guide talked about various Coke signs and other memorabilia used to advertise Coke in the past. We then entered a 3D movie and saw clips from a wide variety of commercials used by Coke from around the world. There are photo opportunities with the Coca-Cola Polar Bear and a large safe door similar to the one where the secret recipe is kept. We took a break in the Commercial Room where they show a wide variety of commercials about Coke from across the years and around the world. My favorite was “I like to buy the World a Coke “ song with the young people on the hill and Scott’s was Mean Joe Green and the little boy. One of the areas has the safe holding the Coca-Cola recipe. I enjoyed looking at all the memorabilia including Santa pictures across the years. Probably the biggest attraction is the tasting room where there are drinks made by Coca-Cola around the world. You can drink all you want. Some are good and others just tasted bad to me. There are also fountains with all the Coke products we see all the time. Scott liked his soft drink of choice, Coke Zero better than any of the other offerings. I think I liked one from South America the best. The gift shop has every Coca-Cola product I’ve ever seen and many I haven’t. All in all, it was a fun time and I recommend it.

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