2019 – Wendy Oaks RV Park, Florence, MS

We spent an unplanned few days in Florence, MS, just south of Jackson, as we waited to have an alignment done on the motorhome.  We landed at Wendy Oaks RV Park which is located right on Highway 49, around 12 miles south of I20.

This campground is primarily a residential park but there are a few pull-throughs for travelers.  These sites are reasonably easy to get into and long enough for bigger rigs.  They are level, on gravel, and have 50 amp/FHU connections.

The main feature of the place is a pretty lake.  A few campsites have nice views of it, most don’t but are just across the road from it – still a pleasant setting.  There’s a block shower house with small laundry.

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If you arrive from the north you will need to pass the campground and do a u-turn to get back to it.  I was a bit concerned about having enough room to do that, so after passing the campground and going under the railroad trestle I pulled of onto the right turn lane at Muse Road (in front of a Dollar General that you really can’t see coming from the north).  I waited for traffic to clear and then swing across, using up all the 4 lanes of the divided highway (and just a bit of the Muse Road exchange).  That got our 39′ motorhome with towed turned around and coming the right way.  I will also mention that as I came south my GPS tried to get me to turn around and go to another “Wendy” business – I think a pump out service or something like that.  Again, coming south you want to go under the railroad trestle and then turn around at Muse Road.  You also probably want to know that Highway 49 coming south from I20 is undergoing heavy construction.  Lanes are switched, the road is rough, and traffic can be bad.

Aside from the above, while this place is nothing close to being a destination park it works just fine for people traveling Highway 49 and needing a place to land.  There aren’t many spots so you will want to phone ahead for a reservation.

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2019 – Ameristar RV Park, Vicksburg, MS

As we left Louisiana and crossed the mighty Mississippi River, we took the very first Mississippi exit and drove a couple of minutes to Ameristar RV Park. The park is part of a big enterprise that also includes a hotel, restaurants, and, of course, a casino. There is even a casino shuttle that comes to the park making it easy for people to visit those venues.

In our case, we just wanted a decent place to spend a few days before continuing our journey east on I20. This RV spot worked out just great for us. This is a busy place with a flow of campers arriving and leaving throughout the day. Many people land just for the night as they travel cross country.

There are several nice pull through sites of decent length and reasonable spacing for a commercial park. The roads are wide and easily maneuvered. Many of the sites are level enough, but there are several that are on a severe slope; some even leaning off to one side as well as front to back. Judging from the assignment of sites, it appears that an effort is made to put bigger rigs in the more level sites. A small single axle travel trailer has a better chance of getting level on some of the sites than a big rig.

There’s an active railroad track that passes near the park, but the trains never sound their horns. You can hear the train, but it’s not especially objectionable.

While this is just a shorter stay sort of park we would stay here again in similar circumstances.

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2019 – Sightseeing Vicksburg, MS

At the Ironclad Cairo in Vicksburg, MS
Vicksburg is a historic town right on the Mississippi River. The Welcome Center has a large veranda with a wonderful view of the River and the bridges that cross it. There is a lovely room staged inside representative of the many historic homes of the area. Nearby is is an overlook called the Navy Circle with markers explaining its importance to the Battle of Vicksburg.

We also visited the Vicksburg National Military Park which commemorates the many soldiers from both sides who fought for control of Vicksburg and control of the Mississippi River. The Battle for Vicksburg lasted more than six months and cost over 48,000 casualties. As we drove through the park I was amazed at the many markers and commemorative statues honoring those involved in the siege.

Also in the park we visited the USS Cairo and the museum. The Cairo is one of seven ironclad gunboats built by the Union army. This is an amazing partial restoration with many of the original timbers still intact. I was surprised that some of the metal on the front was railroad ties placed horizontally for protection. The Cairo was leading a flotilla tasked with destroying Confederate Batteries and underwater mines. She was hit with two explosions and sank within twelve minutes with no loss of life. Inside the museum are many personal artifacts along with other equipment recovered with the ship and are now on display for all to see.

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2019 – Shortstop: Southern Living RV Park – Greenwood, LA

2019 – Southern Living RV Park – Greenwood, LA

Greenwood, LA is just over the state line from Texas and right on I20. We got fuel at the nearby Flying J and then drove a mile or two to Southern Living RV Park. This park has wide concrete streets and several long pull through sites. There is also a pool, laundry, and bathhouse. The only real negative is that the sites are rather unlevel. The motorhomes around us either have the front wheels on blocks or have the wheels up off the ground. The pull throughs closest to Greenwood Road are probably the most level. Aside from that, this campground is fine for an overnight as you travel across I20.

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2019 – Spring Stay at Lake Conroe Thousand Trails, Willis, TX

2019 – Lake Conroe Thousand Trails, Willis, TX

2019 – Lake Conroe Thousand Trails, Willis, TX
As I’ve said in other reviews, many of our Adventures start and end at Lake Conroe Thousand Trails in Willis, TX. There’s really no need to write yet another review of this nice campground. Our stay this time was much the same as previous stays and, really, there is nothing new to report. We still like it here and hope to return for other enjoyable visits.

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2019 – Project: Our “new” 2017 Ford C-Max Energi

2017 Ford C-Max Energi

Having moved from the 5th wheel/pickup combination to a motorhome our next big move was getting a vehicle to tow behind the motorhome. We wanted something we could pull with all four wheels on the ground, not needing any kind of trailer. There are several candidates, most notably a Jeep Wrangler – a legendary “towed.” We decided that the Jeeps are too high and difficult for us to get in and out of at this stage of life. As I researched I found that Ford hybrids can be flat towed so we narrowed our focus to those vehicles. We found this very low mileage 2017 Ford C-Max Energi and decided this was the one.

The Energi is a “plug-in hybrid.” That means that you can plug it into an outlet and the batteries will deliver around 20 miles of electric only travel. After that the car acts as a regular hybrid, running the engine or using the batteries (or both) as needed. The car is very quiet to operate and drives great. It also has more technology than we’ve ever had on a vehicle. We really like the vehicle and are a bit surprised that 2018 was the last year Ford made a C-Max.

The next step was getting it ready to tow. That is a rather big deal as a front base plate has to be installed. Also, a braking system, tail lights, and tow bar is needed. We went with the popular Blue Ox baseplate and tow bar. Then we got the best braking system available for a car being towed behind a diesel motorhome; a SMI Air Force One. This system uses the power from the motorhome air brakes to operate the car brakes proportionally to the brakes being applied on the motorhome. None of this was inexpensive – but it was all part of the process of moving from a pickup pulling a big 5th wheel to a motorhome pulling a small car.

Later on I plan to do an article comparing the 5th wheel experience with the motorhome experience. I may have more to report on towing the C-Max. For now, we have just one tow under our belts. That through Houston I45 traffic to Conroe. That’s a tough drive in any kind of vehicle.

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2019 – Green Caye RV Park, Dickinson, Texas

We stayed at Green Caye in Dickinson, Texas before and decided to return for the winter of 2018-19. Honestly, the stay lasted longer than we originally planned, mostly due to our purchase of the motorhome and car to tow. Green Caye isn’t a typical RV park for us. Most of the residents here are long term; both retirees and working people. A neighbor told me that most of the people surrounding us have been stationary here many years. There are also long term people who are here for work, staying months to years. While the RV Park has its own area, there are also mobile homes, condos, and rent houses on the same property.

Again, this isn’t a typical RV park for us. There are no park activities and the only amenity is a new pool which is actually quite a distance from the campground. There is also a convenience store on the property.

A couple of major changes to the park since our last visit are the removal of WiFi from the campground and the closing of the adjacent par 3 golf course. The golf course is now fenced off for cattle. However, there is a nice walking path around the edge of the old golf course.

The office is now located at the old golf pro-shop. One nice feature is the ability to receive packages. When you receive mail, you get a text or email with a code in it. Using that code you can retrieve the package even when the office is closed.

The property as a whole is well cared for and most sites are pretty good. However, people are allowed to build decks, fences, etc. A few sites and RVs are rather unkempt. There is an active grounds crew that keeps the grass mowed, trash picked up, and any needed repairs done.

The sites are all concrete and the roads are good. We think the best spots are in the four cul-de-sacs but most of those sites are full most of the time. Our second favorite spots are those on the south side of the east-west park road.  These sites don’t back up to 20th St E. That road gets a lot of morning and afternoon traffic so it can be rather noisy. Being on the south side of the RV Park road makes a huge difference. There are also a lot of pull through sites. Those spots are long enough but are rather narrow, putting you quite close to the people on either side of you.

The big draw for us is that Green Caye is close to family and friends. It is also in a convenient location for shopping and doctors.  If not for that we would probably spend our winters either farther south in Texas where the winters are milder or in some of the other popular RV winter states.

We never know what the future holds, but I imagine we’ll be back at Green Caye again for a winter stay.

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