2019 – Sightseeing the Museum of the Bible, Washington, DC

I had a wonderful time at the Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C. From our campground we drove about an hour and a half the most southern stop on the Metro green line subway station. After a thirty minute ride it was just a few blocks to the museum. It was well worth the effort. The museum has six floors with something for everyone who has any interest in the Bible, history, or archeology.

I think the absolute highlight of a day filled with highlights was the “Stories of the Bible” area. The multi media presentations are terrific and informative. “The Hebrew Bible” started with Creation and went through the prophets. The dialogue continued as we walked from area to area. A few things stood out: after the great flood we walked through a room flooded with colors of the rainbow and were reminded of God’s promises. Then as we traveled through the Exodus portion of history we saw a very impressive burning bush and then we walked through the divided Sea. From that section we went to the “New Testament Theater” for the rest of the story. There we saw the Apostle John’s description of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection along with the story of how the Gospel was spread throughout the world. We also walked through a diorama of a village similar to where Jesus as raised.

On other floors there are Biblical artifacts and archaeological information presented through videos, exhibits and hands on materials for all ages. Whether you have children with our or not, don’t miss the kids area! It is amazing!

We saw replicas of the of the Dead Sea Scrolls, copies of Bibles from all ages, many translations and information about how they were reproduced. There is a lot of archeological displays including coins and other items found in the Holy Land. I highly recommend this Museum if you are going to be in the DC area. It was the highlight of our 2019 Adventure to date and well worth the time and effort to get there.

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