2020 – Sightseeing Turner Falls, OK

Interstate 35 between Oklahoma City and Dallas is a busy highway with non-stop traffic 24 hours a day.  One interesting feature along the way is the short pull up and down the Arbuckle Mountains.  It is at the top of that stretch of highway that Turner Falls is located.  In the summertime this is a prime swimming location.  There are deeper pools plus lots of neat wading areas.  People swim right up to the falls.  For us, on an early November day, it was all about the scenery.  Turner Falls is a beautiful place.  The touch of fall colors made the view even better.

We arrived on a Monday afternoon and, while there were others there, the place was nicely uncrowded.  We took our time, taking lots of photos and enjoying the scenery.  Turner Falls is easily accessible from I35; literally just a few minutes off the busy interstate.  The cost of admission was reasonably low for senior adults paying the “winter rate.”  During the summer the cost would be considerably higher for a family.  The property has several campgrounds.  I think we could get the motorhome into some of the spots okay although the hill up to the campground was fairly steep.  There is no RV parking for people just wanting to do a day visit.

A couple of tips.  First, we were there on a beautiful fall afternoon.  With the sun lower in the western sky we found ourselves looking right into the sun to look at the falls and some of the other scenic spots.  I was challenged to get good photos because all the ones I wanted to take were into the sun.  It is still well worth the visit but I’m thinking the view would have been really good with the sun over my shoulder rather than into my face.  Second, if you want a nice overview of the falls without paying the price of admission, check out the zip line place on Highway 77.   The view from there is really good.

Turner Falls is a well known Oklahoma landmark and well worth a visit.

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