Around Middle Tennessee

2013-09-24 11.33.37.jpg What a wonderful lazy week this has turned out to be.  We came in Monday and found ourselves in a nice campground with friendly neighbors. However, ours wasn’t the best of sites.  We walked around a little and found an available spot a short distance away and moved to it on Tuesday.  We are happy with our new site and lazed around the campground most of the week. I read a couple of chapters from my Discovering The Bible text book and fiction stories as well as doing the never ending housekeeping that goes along with living anywhere. At night we are enjoyed looking at the stars and have seen a few shooting stars too.

P9279141.JPG On Friday we drove to Burgess Falls State Park to see the Burgess Falls.  Just a short distance from the parking lot is the Small Falls.  We followed the trail along the water to the Middle Falls and a slightly more difficult trail to Burgess Falls Overlook.  It is worth the walk and we enjoyed the sound of the falls all along the way.

P9279171.JPG From there we went to Edgar Evins State Park to go up the 60 foot observation tower for a view of Cedar Hill lake.  The entrance to the observation tower is inside the Visitor Center so we went in and took the circular staircase up to the deck where I froze and held onto the center beam.  I could see a little of the lake and and dam from that spot and that was all the lake view there was.  Scott walked around taking other photos from the observation deck.  When it was time to go he went down the stairs in front of me so I could get down without too much embarrassment.  There were some lovely flowers still in bloom in the butterfly garden around the visitor’s center.  This looks like a beautiful park and has a marina, cabins, and camping available.

Although we are out of the mainstream this has been another great week on the road!

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