Around northeastern Ohio

image-018.jpgIt has been an interesting week here at Kenisse Lakes Thousand Trails and Ashtabula County Ohio. We saw several Covered bridges including the Smolen-Gulf Bridge which is the longest and the Liberty Bridge which is the shortest one.  We especially enjoyed driving the scenic road along Lake Erie from Geneva to Ashbula. Along the way we stopped at Saybrook township park the lake and were surprised by the many colors visible in the water.  We ate a picnic lunch at Lakeshore Park in Ashtabula and enjoyed the view of Lake Erie as well as the beautiful flowers in the park.

2013-07-12 13.05.18.jpg We enjoyed it all so much that a couple of days later went back to Ashbula to continue our sightseeing on up the shoreline to the east.  We had picnic lunch at Conneaut Township Park and again enjoyed seeing Lake Erie as well as the nearby Light House.

image-030.jpg On Saturday we attended ‘Early America Live’ in Jefferson, OH.  There were people in 1890’s period clothing who chatted with us “in character.”  We enjoyed touring the restored Historic train depot and attended a service at the old Methodist church with a circuit riding preacher. The music for the song service was played on a pump organ by a local musician.  We also chatted with a woman who as dying yarn using local plants, flowers and walnuts and also a lady who was spinning yarn from various animals hair including buffalo. There’s also an 1800’s home, a post office, school, inn, and a pharmacy.

On Sunday we enjoyed worshiping at the Jefferson, OH Church of the Nazarene.  Our time in northeastern Ohio has been relaxing and interesting.  It’s a pretty area with lots to see and do.

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