Campground review: Lake Texoma Thousand Trails

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Our overlong, road problem day brought us to Lake Texoma Thousand Trails.  This is a beautiful park with several amenities: two pools, two saunas, and more.  I guess I’d describe it as both full and empty.  Thousand Trails has sold most of the place to long term renters so the park is filled with RVs.  However, very few of them are occupied, at least during the week.  When one arrives, you drive up and down road after road looking for a vacant campsite.  And there are sites, you just have to hunt for them.  What most people would consider to be the most desirable ones are all taken.  Frankly, it’s a bit frustrating, especially when you’ve had road problems and are arriving five hours later than originally planned.

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We did find a very nice site with a stand of cedar trees to either side of us.  It doesn’t feel like a compromise at all and had there been vacant sites all over the place we would have still happily picked this one.

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The preserve has a nice home-like feel to it, mainly because the many annual people have made upgrades to their sites, adding landscaping, decks, lighting, and the like.  Two sites across from us are lit up every night even though the campers are unoccupied. There are also many nice little rental cabins.

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Lake access is via a road that exits to the back of the campground.  Honestly, if the place wasn’t called “Lake” Texoma and no one told you there was a lake nearby, you could stay here a couple of weeks and never discover the lake.  However, there’s a big marina nearby.  I think that’s the main access for the fishermen and boaters rather than the lake access from the campground.

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There’s a big activity center here with games, TV, a store, and more.  There’s also an adult lodge with comfortable seating, a nice deck, and laundry facilities.  One night we went to the adult sauna.  It was relaxing.  I opted to not get into the pool as the water felt just a bit too cool for my liking.

We had a night and morning of big storms here and are thankful that the individual cells kept passing just north or just south of us.  Our hearts go out to those who were not as fortunate as there was considerable tornado damage a hundred miles or so to the southwest of us.  During the first part of the outbreak we went to the activity center rather than stay in the camper.  I expected to see others but only one couple came in.  Maybe we’ll adjust to weathering big storms in our camper but I kind of doubt it.

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Just down the road about 10 minutes is Cedar Mills Resort and Marina – it’s a really nice spot with a restaurant, gift shop, and a big marina. This is where people with boats here at Thousand Trails go to launch (and go to lunch too come to think of it).

Today we got our first mail shipment via General Delivery.  It went perfect and Jackie was relieved to receive some meds we had on order.  We’re here till Sunday afternoon when we’ll begin our trek north toward Des Moines with a few shorter stops along the way. We’ll attend services here at the campground so we can make a quick exit afterwards. I don’t like moving on Sunday and, if things go as planned, this will be our only Sunday move all year.

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