Campground Review: Lynchburg Thousand Trails, Gladys, VA

2013-09-03 10.08.19.jpg Our move from Chesapeake Bay Thousand Trails to Lynchburg Thousand Trails was only 160 miles or so but the change feels huge.  Before, we were camped at what might be called the epicenter of a big, active campground during the busiest weekend of the year.  Now, we are camped in a much less active place that feels practically empty.  The day we arrived, on Labor Day, there was some kind of big private party winding down.  We were told that if we wanted to use the pool or spa we had to do it that night because it all closed for the year that evening.  We pretty much had our pick of camp spots and we picked a place with lots of afternoon shade and near the adult lodge with it’s nice deck overlooking the lake.

2013-09-02 15.13.24.jpg After the hustle and bustle of the prior week, this place feels very laid back and quiet.  They say “variety is the spice of life” and I think that applies in this case.  If every week was like last week I think I’d get tired of the constant sound of golf carts buzzing up and down the roads, the roar of boats on the river, etc.  On the other hand, if every week was like this one I think I’d get bored by the slow pace.  However, by combining the two, they provide a nice contrast; a welcome change of pace.

2013-09-03 09.51.27.jpg We’ve enjoyed checking out the mini-golf course here, although the “fairways” are pretty littered from the trees.  The biggest feature for me has been the wonderful trail around the pretty lake.  I’ve walked it everyday and I think its the nicest feature of this campground.  The adult lodge has a deck overlooking the lake and Jackie and I have taken our coffee down to the deck a few times.  We’ve also sat out and enjoyed the sky at night.  The sparsely populated park, the distance from the lights of town, some clear skies, and some cool lights have made for terrific star gazing.  We’ve been able to see the Milky Way, lots of satellites, and even a few shooting stars.

There are several interesting places to visit in the area.  Jackie will do a post on Appomattox, Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest, and the like.  These places are all within 45 minutes of the campground.

We’ve enjoyed the full hookup site (30 amp electric) and excellent 4G cell data.  We are on C-Loop, apparently preferred by the seasonal residents.  However, the other side of the park looks just as nice and is closer to the pool and main activity center.

I can’t tell you what this park is like during the summer.  My guess is that its busy with lots of stuff going on.  I can tell you that here in the first week of “off season” that it’s been quiet and beautiful — a good peaceful, relaxing week.

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