Campground review: Maumelle CoE Park, Little Rock, AR

PHOTO_20150611_135949.jpg We’ve enjoyed our short stay at Maumelle Park in Little Rock, AR very much. This Corps of Engineers Park is beautifully situated on the Arkansas River which is at least a mile wide at this point. The grounds are well kept and the park really does offer a “park-like” experience. There are many campsites situated right on the river, providing great views. Many sites are 50 amp and most of the sites can be reserved. There’s a boat launch, three playgrounds, and several group shelters.

A later review of this campground is here.

We had a bit of unease driving in to the campground. The roads are rather narrow with no shoulders. Really, had the signage trailblazing the route in not been so good I think I would have been a bit worried that I had gotten off onto the wrong road. Also, as you pick a campsite you might want to know that there’s a big yacht club in the river and along the western river front campsites that pretty much ruin the view of the river for those sites. Also, none of the public campsites have sewer hookups; however, the campground allows campers to drain gray water out and water the grass with a water hose (a policy I wish many other campgrounds would adopt). One thing we enjoyed a lot was the bluegrass players who come to the park on summer weekends. They gathered in clusters and made great music all through the evening. Anyone is welcome to bring a lawn chair and enjoy the music.

100_3947.JPG One outstanding feature of the campground is the availability of several campsites which are specifically reserved for patients at the nearby Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute. These are full hookup sites (many are pull throughs) that give patients and their families a pleasant place to stay while battling the illness. I applaud the Institute and the Army Corps of Engineers for this wonderful partnership.

Near the campground is Pinnacle Mountain State Park, a great place to hike. There are plenty of restaurants, food stores, and gas stations nearby. Downtown Little Rock is around 20 minutes away. We had no problem getting our satellite signal and had a good Verizon 4G signal.

All in all, I’d say this place is a real winner and will be our Little Rock campground of choice in the future.

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2 responses to “Campground review: Maumelle CoE Park, Little Rock, AR

  1. Do you recall which loop it was that had the waterfront views blocked by the marina? Thank you.

    • GR 'Scott' Cundiff

      It is the water front sites on the northeastern end of the campground. We were in A16 which had a beautiful view. The sites 2 or 3 up from us had a great view of the marina, but not the river.

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