Campground Review: Pacific City, OR Thousand Trails

PHOTO_20140710_101221.jpgWe enjoyed Pacific City, OR Thousand Trails. The campground is near, but not on the ocean. From various places in the campground there are nice views of the water down below. A few campsites actually offer ocean views. The number of sites with actual views is rather limited so no one should come expecting to have such a spot. If you happen to get one of those prime spots you’ll enjoy it. Otherwise, don’t worry too much about it as there are a couple of good ocean watching spots that are available to everyone.

PHOTO_20140710_102316.jpgThis is a large campground built on some rather steep hills. Even if a person takes one of the campsites near the entry they will have to contend with either a challenging hike or a drive up some steep hills to get to the Activity Center, pool, mini-golf, etc. When we first arrived I drove all the way “to the top” looking at possible campsites. Honestly, I didn’t enjoy pulling the big 5th wheel up and down the steep hills on the paved, but too-narrow-for-comfort roads. For us and most other campers driving in and out from our campsite took several minutes. It seemed strange to us to be camped near the highway but have to ease our way at 5mph over numerous speed bumps just to get out of the campground. Then, just on the other side of the fence from where we had just driven we would drive down the highway at normal speeds.

PHOTO_20140710_102907.jpgThere are two sections of the campground plus a few seemingly random sites that boast full hookups. One area is “at the top” and the other is in a section along the highway. We ended up in the second section. The road noise was minor and we enjoyed the full hookup/50 amp site. After walking up the hill to the Activity Center once we decided we’d had enough mountain climbing and drove the truck up to that area on future journeys.

There are a variety of campsites ranging from fairly large to smaller. Our spot was okay for us but a few feet deeper or wider would have been much better. Getting satellite in this hilly, treed terrain can be a challenge. After considerable effort I found one spot, right beside the road where my dish could see the satellites. Meanwhile, our Verizon cell and data service left a lot to be desired. Using the booster I could make and receive calls. Our internet, though, was poor to non-existent. That was rather frustrating because we could drive into Pacific City – about 3 minutes from the campground entrance and have 4G!

PHOTO_20140709_101449.jpg There’s a path down to the beach from the campground, but it is pretty steep. Hiking back to the campground left us out of breath. Again, Pacific City is close by and there one can park in a nice paved parking lot or even drive right out onto a beautiful beach. We did the campground trail to the beach a couple of times but after that we decided to save our legs for walking on the beach rather than hiking down and back to the beach.

We liked Pacific City Thousand Trails, hills and all, and hope to return.


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