Campground Review: Rocky Point Campground – Lake Wright Patman, CoE – Queen City, TX

Highway 59 in Texas is the primary route from Texarkana to Houston to points south. Every year thousands of RVers drive the route traveling south for the winter or headed back north in the spring. I fear that way too many people miss this gem of a campground as they hurry on down the highway.

A later review of this campground is here.

100_3931.JPG Rocky Point Campground is on the shore of Lake Wright Patman. The lake itself is nearly 20 miles long and around four miles across and it has several great campgrounds along it’s shore. Rocky Point is one of the good ones. The campsites are beautifully laid out: paved, with big graveled pads, barbecue grills, a utility table, fire pit, and concrete picnic tables. All 124 campsites have electric and water. Several have 50 amps and a few offer sewer hookups. A large number of the sites overlook the lake, providing wonderful views, however none of the sewer sites are right on the lake. During busy times you’ll probably need a reservation to snag a 50 amp, full hookup site. There’s also a big boat ramp.

100_3938.JPG One slight negative is the proximity of the paper mill at Domino, TX. When the wind blows from the east the smell is in the air and its an unforgettable smell. Happily, the mill is to the east and that’s not the most common wind direction. Because the campground is nicely wooded I had to do a long coax run to a spot where I could get satellite TV. It seemed that no matter what I tried my Verizon cell signal fluctuated between 3G and 4G but, in general, I was able to get online without too much of a problem.

This great campground is just a few minutes off of highway 59 and is a really nice place to stay. As you journey along highway 59 just south of Texarkana don’t get it too big a hurry – this is a first rate place to spend some time.

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