Campground Review: St Clair, MI Thousand Trails

100_4620.JPG We arrived at St. Clair, MI Thousand Trails the week prior to the Labor Day weekend, hoping to be in a suitable spot and settled in before the holiday rush began. Since it was supposed to be hot and humid I opted for a 50 amp site and also one more out in the open so I could get satellite TV during our planned two week stay. That limited us to one of two sections of the campground. There are several tight pull through sites in which individual rigs are pulled in facing alternating opposite directions. Then, there’s a “field” section that is wide open and reasonably roomy, but a little rough. We picked the field, found what looked to be a suitable spot and settled in. Our biggest problem there was that, once we began walking around our “front yard,” we realized that underneath the grass it was rather rutted. Some workers brought me a big piece of plywood to use as a walk way over one especially bad spot right at the front of the camper. We decided we would make do with that. Soon we had neighbors, nice folks filling in the remaining field sites. To our dismay, after a big rain we had a pond just outside our front door. Our plywood walkway became a sort of bridge getting us out to the road.

PHOTO_20150907_153959.jpg After the big weekend, and with more rain forecast, we spotted an empty site up near the Activity Center. Apparently, a seasonal renter had just vacated. We moved to that site for the remainder of our stay. The weather had cooled, so we were okay with 30 amps. This second site was fine, although with I94 about 300 yards away the sound of the traffic was pretty much non-stop.

There are other areas of the campground that might have worked better for us. Some of the 30 amp back in sites near the pull throughs could have worked – and they are farther from the Interstate. On future visits I might see what is available in that area.

100_4648.JPG However, good sites are hard to find at St Clair because so much of the campground has been sold to seasonal residents. Most often these sites have RVs on them, but no one is at home. We did met a few of these folks and aside from one person who saw it as her mission to protect the seasonal’s turf from outsiders, we were welcomed by nice people who are just taking advantage of the long term prices. Obviously, their gain is weekenders’ and travelers’ loss with the pool of available, nicer campsites shrunk down to puddle-size.

PHOTO_20150910_113922.jpg Our only other primary issue in the campground was the poor condition of the water which is very rusty. I went through two of our whole house water filters in about 9 days. One of these filters often lasts me two months.

Aside from these issues we found the campground staff to be good folks who want to make members’ stays enjoyable. The facilities are dated but clean. The pool is nice and slated to be updated during the off season. Roads are typical Thousand Trails roads with a nice, paved entry road and then, once you are in the campground not so good. The road back to our first campsite, in particular was very rough and even worse, one way without any warning of oncoming traffic. We met a motorhome as we came in and had we not gotten to the spot where we met, he would have had to disconnect his toad and backed up or I would have ended up backing a long ways down and up a hill.

100_4646.JPG The campground is near lots of shopping and eating places. We especially enjoyed driving to St. Clair and watching the big ships on the river, traveling between Lake Erie and Lake Huron. Detroit is less than an hour away and Canada is just a short drive away. I had a cell signal that fluctuated between 3G and 4G. Campground WiFi is available and works if you are a very patient person.

I can’t give this Thousand Trails a great score. I’d come back because, as members, it’s a great deal financially for us. Still, some of the issues I’ve mentioned really need to be addressed.

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