Campground Review: Verde Valley Thousand Trails, Cottonwood, AZ

PHOTO_20140926_144413.jpg We’ve enjoyed our time here at Verde Valley Thousand Trails, just south of Cottonwood, AZ. Off hand I say this particular Thousand Trails is one of our favorites so far. The campground is bordered by the Verde River, which can flash flood into impressive proportions but is generally a docile stream and not really visible from the campground. The setting is desert but with enough trees to provide some welcome shade. Many campsites have patches of green grass which is watered and protected by “keep pets off the grass” signs.

100_3378.JPG There are three camping areas. One area, “M Section,” is reserved for long term residents and out of play for those of us who are touring the country. The second area, “H Section” is near the primary Activity Center. This is where the restaurant and store are and where there’s live music a few nights each week. There’s also a nifty mini-golf course – one of the nicest we’ve seen in a Thousand Trails.

100_3385.JPG The third area, “B and C Section,” is farther from the gate but is near a very nice pool and spa, the pickleball courts, playground, and another nice lodge. (There’s another, more distant campground, “A Section,” that is designated for group camping.)

I’d say that the second and third campground areas are both attractive choices. If you plan to use the pool you’ll want B and C Section. If you want to be a bit closer to the Activity Center (and campground exit for that matter) you’ll want H Section.

There are premium 50 amp sites scattered around the campground and people who use them pay an extra fee of $3, $4, or $5 for using them. I’m sure there’s a reason for the differing amounts but I don’t know what it is.

100_3382.JPG There are a variety of campsite configurations. Many of those that are pull through are “double sites” in which two campers are parked back to back, pointing in opposite directions. However, even in that configuration there’s usually a larger “front yard” that is shared with the one of the campers in the next double site. It’s a workable setup and those sites are quite popular. We picked a back in site that is rather deep but not very wide. As it turned out we didn’t have neighbors on either side of us so we had plenty of elbow room.

The campground has added cabins and, in addition to the campground set aside specifically for long term use has sold several sites for annual use. Still, there have been many nice sites available all the time we’ve been here. This, though, is a popular campground and there are certain times of the year when it is full.

This campground is a real winner for Thousand Trails and we’re already looking forward to future visits here.


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