Natchez Trace and vicinity: northern Mississippi

IMG_1761.JPG Scott is loving towing the camper on Natchez Trace Parkway. No commercial traffic is allowed, there are no stop signs (and no advertizing of any kind), beautiful scenery, and a leisurely 50 mph speed limit. There are many turnouts, some at features to be seen along the way and others just for quiet picnic spots. Our drive from southern Tennessee, across the corner of Alabama, and into northeastern Mississippi was relaxing and beautiful. Sorry to say that the government’s partial shutdown closed some of the more major sights along the Parkway so we missed the Parkway’s main welcome center at Tupelo and a few other places of note along the way. We are disappointed with that. Still, we stopped for a short hike in one place and stopped at another to view Indian burial grounds.

IMG_1797.JPG Arriving at our campground in Tupelo we spent our time relaxing, doing a little shopping, and getting maintenance done on the truck. The only “touristy” thing we did while there was visit the Elvis Presley Birthplace and Park. There’s a gift shop, museum, the house where Elvis was born, and the church he attended and sang in as a child. It’s a nice place to spend an hour or two. Also, we were happy to add to our list of nice soft ice cream places. The “Dairy Kream” was busy any time we passed by. Our stay at Tupelo was a relaxing one and we thought our five nights there was about the right length of time for us to enjoy the area and take care of a few day to day things we needed to do.


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