Natchez Trace and vicinity: southern Tennessee

image-010.jpg Our stay in south-central Tennessee was in a campground right along Natchez Trace Parkway, near Lawrenceville, Tennessee which just happens to be the location of the most Southern Amish Community in the US.  That influence was evident as we shopped at a small Amish store named Yoders which is located out in the country. This business is famous in the area for the baked goods and we found the molasses cookies we bought there to be excellent. Outside the store on the porch is crafted wood furniture and inside we found in-season fruits and vegetables and food items for everyday cooking. There are also kitchen utensils, dish towels, and other items for the home.  

PA049194.JPG Some places on Natchez Trace  were closed due to the partial government shutdown but we enjoyed some of the trails including Fall Hallow where there’s a short walk to some beautiful waterfalls.  We also visited the Davy Crockett State park.  It’s a lovely place just off Natchez Trace with many historical markers. The main attraction is the Museum and Grist Mill but we also enjoyed walking by the river and seeing a small water fall on Shoal Creek.

2013-10-05 13.18.24.jpg We went to the Banana Pudding Festival at Centerville,TN.  It’s a fun event offering various craft and food booths. We bought a plate of twisted fried potatoes that was more than we could eat.  Then we went to the Banana Tasting tent and purchased our eight small tastings of pudding. They were all good but two were unique. One was made with Twinkies another had peanut butter in it.  My favorite was a traditional one made by a local church. There were large jars for people to put money into to “vote” for their favorite banana pudding. All the money goes to charity.  It was very warm so we did not go to the antique car show going on in town or visit the craft booths set up all around the courthouse on the square.

As you can tell we enjoyed our time along Natchez Trace Parkway in south-central Tennessee. There’s a lot to see and do in the area, especially for those who like the outdoors or like crafts.

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