Niagara Falls area and Western New York

We are in a beautiful area! This park is off the beaten path but nice. Our arrival was somewhat challenging.  We had some problems with the pickup and then we had a hard time finding a campsite we would fit into.  We also had some tire problems on the pickup.

image-002.jpgFriday Scott had to take the truck to a Ford dealer in Springville for work on the truck.  While he was doing that I finished a project I’ve been working on and also finished reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan.

Saturday we had fun going to Hamburg, NY to the Hamburger Festival.  We have pictures of a few of the classic cars and a VW camper van that were on display as part of the celebration.  We enjoyed looking at all the booths and then ate (what else?) hamburgers and fries at a local restaurant.

P7228744.JPG I think our trip to Niagara Falls rates right up there with our trips to the Grand Canyon.  We had a wonderful time looking at the falls from Canada as well as the US. We loved experiencing the falls on the Maid of the Mist and the Cave of the Winds walking tour under the Falls was amazing.  If you ever visit Niagara Falls don’t miss these two major attractions!

IMG_20130722_190632_185.jpg After spending time on the American side of the falls we drove over to the Canadian side and north to Niagara on the Lake. It is a beautiful town with lots of  shops, lovely old homes, and beautiful flowers. If you are looking for a small quick meal check out the bakeries for meat pasty and sausage rolls.  Of course there are several inviting sit down restaurants as well.   After exploring the historic and beautiful downtown area we walked down to the lake where we got our first view of Lake Ontario.  Across the way in the United States we could Fort Niagara on the other side and off in the distance to the north we could see Toronto.

IMG_20130722_210852_534.jpg From Niagara on the Lake we drove back to Niagara and to see the Falls at night when they are illuminated by big colored lights.  I think they were as lovely at night as they were breath-taking during the day.

We’ve found western New York to be very pretty and we’ve found the people here to be very friendly.

This is a great place to be.

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