Planning our London/Paris trip using Google Maps

One of the most helpful things I did was create a Google Map of our trip.  I found all the major places we wanted to visit and added place markers for them.  Under “traffic” I clicked on “transit” and it showed me all the tube lines and stops.  That helped me visualize where one place was in relation to another and also where the tube stops were.

The neatest thing, though, was that I could zoom into street view and “walk” down the streets I was going to visit.  More than once, as we literally walked along a street I had a sense of Déjà vu because I had taken virtual walks via my Google Map.

There was also a practical side to this.  When we were debating doing the London Walks Cotswolds tour I got on Trip Advisor and found out what towns were would likely visit.  I was able to virtually walk around the towns to see if the tour was our cup of tea (it was, very much so).

Up till now, I kept our map as private, but now that the trip is over, I’ve removed a couple of things and have switched it to public.  Here’s the link – see what you think.

You can see lots of photos from our trip in my photo album.

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  1. Scott, I really enjoyed reading about your trip. I would buy your books if you were a travel writer professionally. Try to land a book deal! 🙂

    Would you mind sharing info about the places you stayed in London and Paris? The London apartment looked fantastic… from the outside, I mean. Would you recommend it?


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