Rockport, Texas and Vicinity

2014-02-18 13.55.06.jpg We’ve enjoyed our stay here in Rockport/Fulton, TX. The bay is close by and the Rockport Beach Park is lovely. While walking on the Fulton fishing pier we saw pods of dolphin a couple of times. The windswept oaks, water birds, and beautiful homes made driving around fun. There are several walking trails. My favorite is in Memorial Park. The trail is asphalt through the park and is somewhat shady. It loops around a pond and past two large fenced in dog parks; one for big dogs the other for smaller ones.

2014-03-02 15.41.58.jpg Shopping for food is limited to Walmart and HEB unless you want fresh seafood; there are several places to purchase that. There are several tourist oriented, colorful, and fun shops in the oldest part of Rockport. There are also art galleries as well as furniture stores.

If you like to eat out there are many restaurants here offering just about anything you could ask for at varying prices. We found every place to be very busy most of the time, mainly because there are a lot of Winter Texans here. You’ll probably laugh, but my favorite spot here is the Dairy Queen because they serve chocolate soft serve ice cream! We look forward to returning to Rockport/Fulton again.

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