RV Park Review – Green Caye – Dickinson, TX

2014-04-11 10.09.23.jpg A year ago, as we prepared to become touring fulltime RVers we researched RV Parks in the Houston/Galveston area, knowing we wanted to spend a portion of our winters near family and friends.  After visiting several parks, we settled on Green Caye in Dickinson.  We spent mid-November to mid-February here, then moved south for a month, then returned for another month.  For us, the big draw has nothing to do with the park.  As it is in real estate, it’s location, location, location!  We’ve especially enjoyed time with family.  We’ve also spent time with doctors – not as much fun, but necessary.

Here’s our 2019 Review of this RV Park.

2014-04-11 10.10.45.jpg Green Caye is an interesting place.  The property is huge with not only a big RV Park, but a lighted par-3 golf course, a mobile home/apartment/condo/townhouse section, and a self-storage.  These all exist on the same property but operate totally separate from one another (in other words, no free golf).

The RV Park is a mixture of travelers and permanent residents and everything in between.  There are many pull through sites and just as many back ins.  The pull-throughs are close together, narrow and long.  The back-ins are wide enough for two vehicles to park side to side and deep.  The sites and roads are all good concrete.

This place is just a place to be.  There are no activities, no pool, and the RV park offers no playground for the kids.  Of course, nearby is NASA, Galveston, Kemah boardwalk, and all Houston has to offer.

2014-04-11 10.11.31.jpg There is only one bathhouse/laundry and, the way the place is laid out, there are many sites a long way from it.  Some of the permanent sites are filled with “stuff,” but generally are reasonably kept.  At the same time, there are several high dollar rigs here.  Again, Green Caye is an interesting place.

If you plan on coming to Green Caye you probably need to know that our interactions with the office left a lot to be desired.  When we arrived the young lady at the counter told me we had canceled our reservations and there was no place for us.  Her attitude was that that was all there was to it.  We insisted that we had not canceled and that we wanted our reservation to be honored.  After some angst, low and behold, there was a place for us after all.  Then after two months we left for a month, this time being sure we had written confirmation of our reservation.  We arrived on the appointed day and a different person behind the counter reported that while he showed we had a reservation that someone else was already in the site.  After 20 minutes or so, he found that someone had changed our site number.  Then, when we prepared to leave, I attempted to turn in the gate remote controls on which I had made a $70 deposit.  Alas, there was no record of my having the remotes.  After 30 minutes or so and a phone call the decision was made to return my deposit to me.  The moral to this story is: confirm your reservations, then confirm them again.  Keep your paperwork handy and keep your fingers crossed.

PHOTO_20140124_110613.jpg I don’t think this area qualifies as a draw for Winter Texans.  During January the weather was especially cold with ice storms and school closings.  At the same time, people visiting the Galveston side of Houston but not wanting to pay Galveston RV Park prices might want to keep Green Caye in mind.

And if you happen to have two precious grandchildren in the area, well, then this is a terrific place to spend a few winter months.

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