Sightseeing Review: Mackinac Island, MI and vicinity

As we planned our 2015 Adventure we included a visit to historic Mackinac Island, MI as a highlight of our trip. It did not disappoint.

100_4487.JPG Our base of operations was the lovely town of Saint Ignace. There are many touristy shops and restaurants and a pretty boardwalk along Lake Huron. I especially liked Chief Wawatam City Park and the nearby light house. We relaxed, watching the ferry boats coming and going to the Island, less than six miles across the lake from us.

100_4492.JPG Mackinaw City also has many historic places and parks. The drive over the famous Mackinaw Bridge is a special event in and of itself! We saw a couple of light houses and strolled through a lakefront park as well as taking a walk through the woods, learning about the early inhabitants and settlers as we went.

100_4504.JPG The big event of our stay in the area was a day at Mackinac Island. We specifically picked a ferry departure time that included a side trip under the big bridge. It was amazing seeing this landmark from the vantage point of the water.

100_4530.JPG Once we arrived at Mackinac Island we took a horse drawn carriage tour of the island. Really, there are too many historic homes and buildings to see in one day. I especially enjoyed touring Fort Mackinac. Many of the buildings there are furnished with period items and sound effects give a feel for what it might have been like to have lived at the fort. We were entertained by the close order drill that included many of the audience. There was also a noisy and interesting rifle firing demonstration. After the Fort we walked over to the Grand Hotel. We were disappointed that they charge $10 admission to even walk into the foyer! Having already paid for the ferry, the carriage, and the fort – and still planning on buying a few souvenirs we decided to head to the main shopping areas rather than entering the famous hotel. As we walked, we were impressed by the beautiful flowers in the yards along the way. We bought a few things, but my favorite was some of the world famous island fudge! It will come as no surprise to my friends that I especially enjoyed visiting the public library which has some terrific outside seating overlooking the water – what a great place to relax and read a good book!

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