Sightseeing Review: Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

PHOTO_20151020_154127.jpg We had a fun time revisiting Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave. Many years ago we took the long tour. I remember enjoying the many rooms, colors, drapes and other formations. I also remembered the long walk back out up the many stairs. This time we took the Domes and Dripstones tour, the moderate tour and “only” had about 500 stairs to hike. Still, it was fun going down the steep winding, narrow and sometimes very low passages. We saw domes, pits, and dripstones along with stalagmites and stalactites and drapes. Our guides were very good and even took time to show us a patch of crickets that live in the cave. It was so good to see that God made the inside of the earth is beautiful as he made the outside.

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