Sightseeing Review: Southeastern Indiana and Cincinnati

It was fun going to the Aurora, IN Farm festival. There was a carnival, many vendors including local merchants, churches, and various clubs.  We enjoyed going through the Lions Building looking at all the arts, crafts, foods, and produce that had been judged and were on display.  Our primary reason for being there, though, was a southern gospel concert featuring Triumphant and the Dixie Melody Boys. Even though it was windy and cool people came and enjoyed an evening of good music.

IMG_4200.JPG Due to inclement weather we put off going to the Canal Festival at Metamora, IN until Sunday afternoon.  When we arrived the streets were full of people having a wonderful time. Again there were vendors of every kind as well as shops that cater to tourists in this historic town. The highlights for us included seeing a canal boat that actually carried people and products up and down the canal as well as the trains that made the canal obsolete before it was completely finished. The grist mill was running and they were making cornmeal like it was made in the early days.

100_4728.JPG We also spent a day at the Cincinnati Zoo and enjoyed it very much.  If you visit this world class zoo be sure to wear your walking shoes and plan to spend the whole day as there is much to see.

100_4755.JPG A highlight of our sightseeing for Scott was the Milan 54 Hoosiers Museum in Milan, IN.  In 1954 the high school basketball team from this small town won the Indiana State High School basketball crown.  In those days all schools in Indiana, of all sizes, competed in one tournament.  As the tournament continued, Milan became a David competing against several Goliaths and ultimately won the championship by beating a team from a school over 10 times its size.  Then, in 1986, a hit movie, “Hoosiers” was released, based on this true life story.  Being from a small Indiana high school, and growing up not long after the “Milan miracle” “Hoosiers” has long been one of Scott’s favorite movies.  We spent about an hour looking at the memorabilia from players as well as items from the movie.

In addition to all the above, we enjoyed meeting and fellowshipping with one of Scott’s cousins, Pastor Paul Mingus and family.  The cousins talked about everything from family history to theology, having a great time.

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