Sightseeing Review: Wisconsin Dells and Adams County Fair

100_4231.JPG Our main sightseeing event while staying at Castle Rock Lake was an afternoon at the Wisconsin Dells. We wanted to see some of the beauty of the area as well as get an overview of the area. A ride on the Original Wisconsin Ducks was just what we wanted. Our tour guide was quite entertaining as well as informational. We spent the first part of the tour on land riding through the woods and then entered the Wisconsin River for a short cruise and then after another short overland jaunt we cruised on Lake Delton for a while. Our guide pointed out rock formations along the river and gave a short history of the Lake and famous landmarks nearby. It was a fun and entertaining tour. We also did some shopping at the huge outlet mall there and looked around the town. It’s a tourist’s dream with an emphasis on water parks.

PHOTO_20150724_182905.jpg In comparison, the Adams County Fair at Friendship, WI was pure hometown fun. It was in full swing so we decided to check it out. We got there in midafternoon and walked through the animal exhibits and then the exhibit hall where there was a variety of food, art, woodworking, flowers, farm, and garden products as well as handmade clothing and quits. We walked through the carnival and then settled in in the grandstands. Prior to the main event of the day was a children’s peddle powered tractor pull complete with peddle tractors and a mini-moving weight. The kids peddled with all their might as the weight got heavier and heavier. It was cute and fun to watch as parents happily clicked photos of the event. The tractor pull, itself, was quite entertaining as various classes of pullers took their turns. We saw everything from antique tractors to pickup trucks to souped-up modern day tractors pull a big weight sled that is engineered to get heavier the farther it is moved. It was my first time to see anything like this and I found it a fun and entertaining way spend an evening in Wisconsin.


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