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Shortstop Review: Baileys Point CoE Campground – Glasgow, KY

100_4806.JPG We’ve enjoyed our short stop at Bailey’s Point CoE Campground on Barren Lake near Glasgow, KY. The campsites are terraced along the lake and most of the sites have nice views of the lake – in fact, many are right along the lake. The campground is on a finger of land, so driving to it means traveling down some country roads. The roads are okay, but are rather narrow and hilly. The sites are mainly water with 50 amp electric although there are some that were obviously designed for tents and smaller campers. Parking in most every site includes backing up a sometimes steep entry ramp. Once you get to the top of the paved ramp the sites, themselves, are level gravel. Several of the site ramps are long enough and steep enough that I wouldn’t want to back my 5th wheel up them for fear that the back bumper of the camper would scrape the paved surface of the ramp. When you make camping reservations online you can see photos of the individual campsites. You might want to pay attention to the photos to get an idea of just what it would take to back into the sites. I had no problem getting satellite TV and my Verizon 4G as weak but usable. The campground is well cared for and the scenery is great. We’d be happy to have a longer stay here in the future.


Campground Review: Cherry Glen Campground – CoE – Saylorville Lake, Iowa

This is our second stay at this nice Corps of Engineers campground, located on Saylorville Lake, northwest Des Moines, IA. Things this stay are much the same as they were when we were here two years ago, so you might want to check out my review from that stay. I’ll just focus on a few fresh observations in this post.

PHOTO_20150626_120615.jpg One thing I noticed this stay is how many campsites are rather unlevel front to back. Our site is steep enough that I have the landing gear of the 5th wheel extended about as far as I’ve ever extended it. I think a larger motorhome might end up with the front wheels well off the ground in this site. There are, of course, a number of spots that are level or at least “level enough” but because of our site I began noticing others and realized that several sites are like this.

PHOTO_20150626_115653.jpg Also, I’ve learned that, while there are no sewer sites here, there are several water hookup sites scattered around the park. The reason I missed them on our first stay is that the water spigots aren’t near the electric posts. Instead, they are stand alone water hookups either along the roads between the campsites or well behind them. I think that originally the idea was that people would be able to get water from communal spigots at various places around the park. At some point the decision was made to allow the closest campsite to the outlets to claim them and hook up to them if they wanted. There’s an extra $2 charge for those campsites (since we have an America the Beautiful pass we pay half for the site, making the extra charge just $1). Someone told me that the common practice is for the person in a water campsite to put a “Y” splitter at the faucet so that people can get water out of it even though someone is hooked up to it. If having a water hookup is important to you be sure to study the campground map when making reservations here.

My Verizon has a barely-working 3G signal here. It seems to work okay during the day and then as evening comes it slows down considerably. I was able to get satellite TV by putting the dish up close to the road. I’m guessing that people with a portable dish have a considerably better chance of getting satellite than do those with a roof mounted dish.

In my previous review I mentioned some bad weather and we had a repeat of that our first night here. We kept an eye on things as a couple of tornado warnings were issued for the counties just west of us. Aside from considerable rain falling, though, we came through the warnings without any problem.

We still like this campground a lot and will likely make it our place to stay when visiting family here in central Iowa.


Campground review: Maumelle CoE Park, Little Rock, AR

PHOTO_20150611_135949.jpg We’ve enjoyed our short stay at Maumelle Park in Little Rock, AR very much. This Corps of Engineers Park is beautifully situated on the Arkansas River which is at least a mile wide at this point. The grounds are well kept and the park really does offer a “park-like” experience. There are many campsites situated right on the river, providing great views. Many sites are 50 amp and most of the sites can be reserved. There’s a boat launch, three playgrounds, and several group shelters.

We had a bit of unease driving in to the campground. The roads are rather narrow with no shoulders. Really, had the signage trailblazing the route in not been so good I think I would have been a bit worried that I had gotten off onto the wrong road. Also, as you pick a campsite you might want to know that there’s a big yacht club in the river and along the northern river front campsites that pretty much ruin the view of the river for those sites. Also, none of the public campsites have sewer hookups; however, the campground allows campers to drain gray water out and water the grass with a water hose (a policy I wish many other campgrounds would adopt). One thing we enjoyed a lot was the bluegrass players who come to the park on summer weekends. They gathered in clusters and made great music all through the evening. Anyone is welcome to bring a lawn chair and enjoy the music.

100_3947.JPG One outstanding feature of the campground is the availability of several campsites which are specifically reserved for patients at the nearby Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute. These are full hookup sites (many are pull throughs) that give patients and their families a pleasant place to stay while battling the illness. I applaud the Institute and the Army Corps of Engineers for this wonderful partnership.

Near the campground is Pinnacle Mountain State Park, a great place to hike. There are plenty of restaurants, food stores, and gas stations nearby. Downtown Little Rock is around 20 minutes away. We had no problem getting our satellite signal and had a good Verizon 4G signal.

All in all, I’d say this place is a real winner and will be our Little Rock campground of choice in the future.


Campground Review: Rocky Point Campground – Lake Wright Patman, CoE – Queen City, TX

Highway 59 in Texas is the primary route from Texarkana to Houston to points south. Every year thousands of RVers drive the route traveling south for the winter or headed back north in the spring. I fear that way too many people miss this gem of a campground as they hurry on down the highway.

100_3931.JPG Rocky Point Campground is on the shore of Lake Wright Patman. The lake itself is nearly 20 miles long and around four miles across and it has several great campgrounds along it’s shore. Rocky Point is one of the good ones. The campsites are beautifully laid out: paved, with big graveled pads, barbecue grills, a utility table, fire pit, and concrete picnic tables. All 124 campsites have electric and water. Several have 50 amps and a few offer sewer hookups. A large number of the sites overlook the lake, providing wonderful views, however none of the sewer sites are right on the lake. During busy times you’ll probably need a reservation to snag a 50 amp, full hookup site. There’s also a big boat ramp.

100_3938.JPG One slight negative is the proximity of the paper mill at Domino, TX. When the wind blows from the east the smell is in the air and its an unforgettable smell. Happily, the mill is to the east and that’s not the most common wind direction. Because the campground is nicely wooded I had to do a long coax run to a spot where I could get satellite TV. It seemed that no matter what I tried my Verizon cell signal fluctuated between 3G and 4G but, in general, I was able to get online without too much of a problem.

This great campground is just a few minutes off of highway 59 and is a really nice place to stay. As you journey along highway 59 just south of Texarkana don’t get it too big a hurry – this is a first rate place to spend some time.


Campground Review: Airport Park COE, Waco, TX

100_3810.JPG This Corps of Engineers campground wasn’t on our original itinerary but we couldn’t have found a better spot to land for a few days while we waited for our next stop to be reopened following storm damage last week.

100_3814.JPG Airport Park is on the northwest side of Waco, right on Lake Waco. We always like CoE parks and this one earns high marks all the way around. The roads are good and the sites are level, paved, and spacious. The views of the lake are just great. Many of the sites have large shelters and all of them have plenty of shade trees. We’ve enjoyed our 50 amp, full hookup site. The park has a huge boat launch and also group camping/event facilities. Our Verizon 4G was good and we had a good Dish network satellite signal. We saw deer, turkey, and especially got a kick out of seeing a fox run across the road as we drove in.

The campground is right by the airport and there is some noise from it. However, we didn’t find it objectionable and it was quiet overnight. There are interesting things to see and do around Waco. Jackie will do a post about that shortly. I’ll also mention that Waco has been in the news lately because of some seriously bad stuff going on. We saw none of that and the campground itself is gated with the gates being locked overnight. We had no sense of unease at all in the campground or when out in the community.

Honestly, I can’t think of anything I’d change about Airport Park. The next time we come it won’t be just because we had to change our plans: we’ll include it in our plans!