Sightseeing review: Columbus, TX

Columbus, TX is a lovely town with a historic downtown with several historic homes and buildings. There’s plenty of shopping and all types of eating places. The town is divided between the I10 commercial area and the old town area. We happened to visit during the Folk Fest 2014. Two of the streets by the courthouse were blocked off and there were vendors selling crafts, clothes, food and other items. The funnel cakes were, as always, a big hit with me! Our grandchildren, Sarah and Matthew, were fascinated by the glass blower at work. We could hear folk music being performed onstage as we walked and enjoyed the booths and looking inside the old Opera house. We toured the local museum which is located in the original water tower and fire house. The Vintage car show was fun. We enjoyed seeing the work that had been done to make the classic cars look new again. We especially enjoyed going to the City park where a small military camp was set. We chatted with the re-enactors there who told us about their weapons and uniforms. We then watched a re-enactment of an 1836 battle between the Texas army and the Mexican army. They shot off cannons and black powder guns giving us an idea of how the battle might have looked and sounded. I always enjoy small town events and having our grandkids along made this one especially fun for us.

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RV Park Review – Green Caye – Dickinson, TX

I don’t think this area qualifies as a draw for Winter Texans.  During January the weather was especially cold with ice storms and school closings.  At the same time, people visiting the Galveston side of Houston but not wanting to pay Galveston RV Park prices might want to keep Green Caye in mind.

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And if you happen to have two precious grandchildren in the area, well, then this is a terrific place to spend a few winter months.

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At Nazarene General Assembly

On Sunday afternoon there was a big thunderstorm with considerable wind.  There was some tree damage, including one big tree that came down.  Thankfully, no buildings or campers were damaged.

Jackie and I really enjoyed General Assembly, especially seeing our family.  Now, though, we’re ready to head for Ohio and back into our “normal” full time RV activities.

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